Saturday, June 22, 2024

LCC dismisses marriage application as woman is married


The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has dismissed a marriage application by a Congolese businessman and Malawian woman both based in Zambia following an objection that the woman is still married to a Zambian man.

LCC Public Relations Manager Chola Mwamba who confirmed the development in a press statement to the media in Lusaka said the couple was supposed to receive their marriage certificate under the Marriage Act of the laws of Zambia but the local authority declared their application null and void.

Ms Mwamba says this was after an objection from the woman’s legally married husband who was tipped by members of the public that his wife was getting married yesterday to her long time Congolese boyfriend.

“The local authority would like to advise all those wishing to get married under the Marriage Act to follow the right procedure, especially if they are getting married for the second time,” she said.

She has urged those intending to get married under the Marriage Act to make the application with genuine intentions.

Ms Mwamba adds that the ordeal should also be a learning experience to those wishing to get married to ensure that they clear the past before deciding to engage in another marriage.


  1. This woman can’t forever be held hostage to the first husband in a loveless marriage. Only problem is she did not divorce him so she could marry that Rwandese (he is not Congolese) who looks more affluent, younger, handsome and business minded. When money escapes through the door, love glides via the window too.

  2. She was frequently” travelling to Nakonde for business” and coming back in good time to her husband to feed him with proceeds of crime

  3. Very transparent marriage for benefits! So, she married the Zambian man to get a foothold in Zambia, now she is marrying her real love who happens to be Congolese… and, they will both have a right to Zambianship on the basis of her marriage to a Zambian she’s now ditching! Crafty moo!

  4. LT you’re full of it! Do you even know what you’re supposed to moderate? It’s all haphazardly done, isn’t it? A great pity as you’re missing out on great comments.

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