Saturday, June 22, 2024

Nakacinda denounces government’s “madness” over maize importation plan


Patriotic Front Party Chairperson for Information and Publicity, Raphael Nakacinda, has called for the resignation of President Hakainde Hichilema due to the disaster caused in the agriculture sector. Nakacinda made the statement in Lusaka, citing the escalating levels of hunger and poor decision making as justifications for the call. He also called for drastic changes at ministerial level, including the firing of the agriculture minister.

Nakacinda further criticized the government’s plan to import GMO maize from South Africa on behalf of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) when Zambia is still grappling with maize and mealie meal shortages. He described the move as “madness” and accused the government of thinking it has a monopoly of wisdom and systems superior to those of the DRC. He also argued that the importation of GMOs, even on behalf of the DRC, is not only criminal but a way of killing the people of Zambia.

According to Nakacinda, the GMO maize the government intends to import must be subjected to a public hearing and inquiry. He pointed out that there is a law in Zambia forbidding the importation and transit of GMO products, and therefore, any decision in that regard must be preceded by a public hearing, professional analysis, and an enquiry. So far, none of these have been done, according to Nakacinda.


  1. As far as Im concerned Nakacinda would make a better President than the contenders I have seen for the PF throne. He would also make a better president than HH. I wonder why he isnt standing

    • Raphael Nakacinda should concentrate on defending himself in the matter he said that HH had summoned judges to Community House to lecture them on how to decide election petitions. I look forward to seeing the said judges turning up in court to testify for him now that the court has found him with a case to answer. He in should also be charged with insulting the judges.

  2. We gave you more money in your pockets but upnd is making you withdraw your own future pension savings. See your lives

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