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Use equitable model of allocating CDF-Sunday Chanda


Kanchibiya Member of Parliament Sunday Chanda says there is a need for the Government to seriously consider using the equitable model of allocating Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Mr Chanda says rural constituencies need more CDF allocation because they have unique challenges than constituencies in urban towns like Lusaka.

He also notes that rural constituencies like Kanchibiya are lagging behind in terms of development activities compared to well-established and developed constituencies like Kabwata in Lusaka.

The Kanchibiya lawmaker was speaking in an interview with the Zambia News and Information Service ZANIS in Kanchibiya today.

He said to increase the rate of development activities in rural underdeveloped constituencies there is a need for the equitable distribution of CDF.

Mr Chanda said equitable CDF will spur the rate of development in rural constituencies and attract more people to come and work in these areas, unlike now when some civil servants shun working in rural places.

“Yes, it’s an argument I have raised on the floor of Parliament before and rural-based MPs agree in principle,” he said.

And the Kanchibiya lawmaker has commended President Hakainde Hichilema for increasing the CDF allocation from K1.6 million to K25.7 million and now K28.3 million.

He said the increase in CDF allocation to constituencies is a milestone step that the Government has provided for its citizens.

“The bottom line is that we appreciate the expanded CDF scope and the difference it is making on the ground. And our appeal is that the Government considers our unique challenges and that rural constituencies will develop at a faster rate,” Mr Chanda said.

He also disclosed that his office would continue engaging the central Government to assist in implementing certain capital projects that cannot be done using CDF.

The lawmaker pointed out that his office has already engaged the Ministry of Home Affairs to assist in the construction of the ongoing the Kanchibiya modern police station

Meanwhile speaking in a separate interview, Chief Mpepo of the Bisa people has commended the area Member of Parliament and Kanchibiya Town Council for prudent utilisation and management of CDF.

Chief Mpepo said CDF has brought tangible positive significant change to the district such as sponsorship of boarding secondary school bursaries and skills and trade development courses among other things.

“We are so grateful to the Government for increasing the CDF fund,” Chief Mpepo said.

And Kanchibiya District Town Council Secretary David Mwansa has urged all contractors implementing CDF projects in the district to continue adhering to recommended set standards and guidelines for implementing CDF projects.

Mr Mwansa further said that Kanchibiya will endeavour to implement all CDF projects with the spirit of excellence.

“Generally we are impressed with those engaged to implement the CDF project in Kanchibiya.


  1. Sunday is right because the city constituencies are likely to get funding through other means while rural ones completely rely on CDF. Kudos to Sunday Chanda for providing leadership in making a positive impact in the poeple in the constituene.

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