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Kalaba challenges Government to explain who procured luxury Land Cruiser VX vehicles for ministers


Citizens First Leader Harry Kalaba has challenged the Zambian government to explain who procured luxury Land Cruiser VX vehicles for ministers and at what cost. Kalaba questioned the government’s decision to dispose of the ministerial vehicles while the President maintained a fleet of new cars procured under his office. He demanded to know who authorized the procurement of the ministerial vehicles and the justification for selling them off, resulting in the loss of taxpayers’ money. Kalaba also criticized the government for its preference for supporting foreigners at the expense of Zambian citizens, claiming that no local contractors have been paid under the UPND government.

Last month, President Hakainde Hichilema directed that all brand-new Land Cruiser VX vehicles purchased after the UPND formed the government be sold, and the revenue invested in productive areas that will create jobs. He noted that buying luxury vehicles while the government is trying to sort out its debt is not a prudent use of resources. President Hichilema urged his government officials to listen to the people’s cries and address their concerns, allowing the Presidential Delivery Unit to follow up on the government’s agenda’s promises. He expressed concern about the Ministry of Lands’ poor work culture, which led to the dismissal of the Commissioner of Lands.

Kalaba also challenged President Hichilema to cut down on foreign trips if he is serious about saving costs, claiming that the MOUs he is signing are unlikely to yield results in the remaining 38 months of his term. Kalaba criticized the President’s decision to direct the return of new vehicles procured for ministers, saying it was hypocritical and a clear demonstration of poor leadership. He called on the New Dawn Administration to reveal who procured the ministerial vehicles and how they arrived at that decision. Kalaba urged the government to be transparent and use the same energy they used to inform the nation about the purchase of the Gulfstream by the previous regime to inform the nation about the VXs they now intend to sell.


  1. The president doesn’t know.
    The Minister doesn’t know.
    The Secretary to the Cabinet doesn’t know.
    The Secretary to the Treasury doesn’t know
    The ministry permanent secretary doesn’t know
    This is a miracle sent by the almighty God to the good people of the christian nation.

  2. Kalaba stop being naive. Even a blind baby from shangombo knows that HH directed the purchase of those luxurious cars, so that they would be resold at a cheaper price. They are all on it those crooked mother effers.

  3. This man acts like he has never been in govt asking who authorised it…use youe contacts in govt to dig for information then it to confront the ruling party. In fact the President has already reacted to that challenge ..you should be following up on the Presidential directive of how govt will go about selling brand new vehicles and whom. If they bought X vehicles check if X will be on sale at what price and how much is the tax payer losing out.

    • Orange Boy.

      Kalaba is not kidding. He basically wishes to know why the president wants to sell cars he earlier authorised to buy. In the same way, the president authorized exportation of MAIZE and immediately afterwards, imports MEALIE MEAL. These leaders are weird and luck prudent sensibleness.

    • Mulongoti Machayi – you honestly think the President has oversight of everything including of buyong of hand soap for the toiet some of these things are approved at cabinet office. HK knows UPND is poor at handling public relations they will send that chap from Information ministry who got a car for his wife with loan from the ministry to answer questions. President should have fired whoever did it but instead issues vague directives

  4. Just making noise HK………….

    If the president had not directed the sale of those VXs , what story would you be making noise about ????

  5. A few days ago, the Southern Province minister said the permanent secretaries bought all those vehicles. Cabinet approval, always chaired by the president, must have been on top of the purchase. All else is just a rubber stamp.

  6. We have a President who creates problems and then wants to be seen to solve the same problems. He exported power creating load shedding then he wants to be seen to solve load shedding by importing power from Mozambique. He exported PF grown maize and then he wants to import GMOs from SA. We have a child as president.

  7. Mr Kalaba you have a president who is an economist and beyond there an accomplished businessman. Take a look at this;
    I sell a bag of maize to Mr Mumbwa at K50 and buy the same bag from Mr Kapiri Mposhi at K25, all value chain costs having been taken care of. You have a clean K25 in your pocket. The other way round is what would be wrong. This is the difference between you Kalaba and HH. Next time think outside the box ba Zambian politician!

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