Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Technology and Science Minister Felix Mutati commends ABSA for innovative data business launch


ABSA, one of the leading banks in Zambia, has launched a hackathon data science competition aimed at creating efficient business decision-making opportunities. The competition, which was officially launched by the Technology and Science Minister Felix Mutati, is the first of its kind in Zambia and seeks to resolve real-life data challenges in the market.

Minister Mutati commended ABSA for its innovation in creating a value data business and urged the banking sector to invest in precision decision-making to resolve data solutions distinct from digital rivalry divide but anchored on inclusion built around confidence arising from value business proposition. He also emphasized that the Government has precise-strategy data governance architectural protocols premised on a legal framework that will effect cost-efficient digital operational platforms.

The competition has attracted 20 participants who will present their pitches in a bid to create a talent pool not only for the banking industry but also for other organizations. The end data-science product is expected to ease and define solutions from participants to the creation of large data storage platforms.

In his remarks, acting ABSA Managing Director Harton Maliki appreciated the central-operated data partnership capabilities, especially that over the years and on its rebranding approach, ABSA embraces Africansim anchored on a view to digitally resolve real-life focused data strategy platform. Mr. Maliki emphasized the importance of the competition in creating a talent pool for the banking industry and other organizations.

The competition launch also attracted ABSA Director Digital and Innovation Owen Malambo who stated that big data storage is a critical component to the banking entity towards economic transformation arisen from a well-established strategy to define data challenges.

The Minister further stated that the government’s digital strategy focus is to build and enhance a digital infrastructure operated on availability, accessibility, and affordability hence creating an economic valuable impact for the prosperity of people. The competition is seen as a critical and fundamental enabler towards achieving this goal.

The launch of the hackathon data science competition is expected to create a platform for resolving real-life data challenges that have choked the market, and ABSA’s move is seen as a step towards creating a talent pool that will not only benefit the banking industry but also other organizations.


  1. This Minister Mutati is another failed project…his Ministry is just a waste of tax payers money just like the Ministry of Religion in the previous Government…this man Mutati is just issuing statements about “Technology”….day in day out and gets paid tons of tax payers money…

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