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Cancer Treatment Centre to be constructed in Ndola


The Government of Zambia has signed a US$25 million contract with Avic International for the construction of the Cancer Treatment Centre in Ndola, Copperbelt Province.

Health Minister Sylvia Masebo announced the development in Lusaka today adding that the efforts were aimed at decentralizing cancer services and challenges faced in cancer treatment and care.

Ms Masebo said the government expedited the process in a bid to address the urgent matter considering that over 13-thousand patients were treated at the only Cancer Diseases Hospital.

She further said the government was sourcing equipment for the Cancer Diseases Hospital in Lusaka as most machines were obsolete. The contract was signed by the Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Administration Prof Christopher Simoonga and Avic International was represented by Mr Tie Rigen

And speaking on behalf of AVIC International Mr Rigen assured the Zambian government that his company would do everything possible to complete the project in a stipulated period of 12 months and provide equipment.

Meanwhile, Zambia Medical Association (ZMA) president Chrispin Moyo is elated with the development and hopes the package will address the challenges faced by cancer patients in the country. He emphasized the importance of decentralizing cancer services to ensure accessibility for all Zambians.

“The establishment of the Cancer Treatment Centre in Ndola is a significant step forward in improving cancer care in Zambia. It will not only alleviate the burden on the Cancer Diseases Hospital in Lusaka but also bring cancer treatment closer to patients in the Copperbelt Province,” said Dr. Moyo.

Cancer has become a growing concern in Zambia, with an increasing number of cases reported each year. The lack of sufficient treatment facilities and outdated equipment has posed significant challenges in delivering effective care to patients. The new Cancer Treatment Centre aims to bridge this gap by providing state-of-the-art facilities and modern equipment.

The construction of the center will commence soon, and it is expected to be completed within a period of 12 months, as per the contract. The facility will house advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies, including radiation therapy and chemotherapy units, as well as a dedicated research wing for cancer studies.

The government’s decision to partner with Avic International, a renowned global construction company, ensures that the project will be executed with professionalism and expertise. Avic International has an impressive track record in delivering healthcare infrastructure projects around the world.

Upon completion, the Cancer Treatment Centre in Ndola will not only provide essential medical services but also create employment opportunities for the local population. The influx of medical professionals and support staff will contribute to the economic growth of the region.

The Zambian government is also actively addressing the issue of outdated equipment at the Cancer Diseases Hospital in Lusaka. Efforts are being made to procure modern machines to enhance the hospital’s capacity for accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment. The goal is to ensure that patients receive the best possible care using the latest medical technologies.

The signing of the US$25 million contract marks a significant milestone in the government’s commitment to improving cancer care in Zambia. It reflects the dedication of the Ministry of Health and its partners to tackle the challenges faced by cancer patients and provide them with better access to treatment.

As the construction of the Cancer Treatment Centre begins, the expectations and hopes of cancer patients and healthcare professionals are high. The successful completion of the project will not only transform the lives of thousands of Zambians affected by cancer but also serve as a model for future healthcare infrastructure development in the country.

The government’s efforts, combined with the support of Avic International and other stakeholders, are expected to revolutionize cancer treatment in Zambia and contribute significantly to the overall well-being of its citizens. The news of this contract signing brings renewed optimism and a sense of progress in the fight against cancer in the country.


  1. This is good news, it is important that we have these important facilities in every province. It is heartbreaking seeing sick people traveling from as far as Mansa, Chipata etc coming to Lusaka just for reviews every other month. Please continue building these infrastructure were PF ended.

    • That’s well and good but minimum standards should continue being maintained at Lusaka Cancer Hospital. Ndola is a suitable place as the Copperbelt has been leading the cancer league table in the country.

  2. In 2017, the Ministry of Health announced that the Cancer Disease Centre was to be located in Kitwe. What led to the change in location? Although Kitwe is the second largest city after Lusaka and centrally located on the Copperbelt, I have noticed a tendency to starve the city of major infrastructure developments in favour of Ndola. The international stadium stadium and airports are both in Ndola. Now even the electric battery factory is to be located in Ndola, even though most of the inputs like cobalt will be sourced from Kitwe. Where is the fairness here? What has Kitwe done wrong?

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