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Mozambican Airline to fly into Lusaka


Mozambican Airline (LAM) will on 30th June 2023 launch its inaugural direct flight between Maputo and Lusaka.

This came to light when a Mozambican airline head of marketing Eunice Adelina Matediane announced the development when she led a delegation that visited the Zambia High Commission in Maputo.

Ms Matediane said the airline will fly to and from Maputo and Lusaka three times a week.

Zambia’s Acting High Commissioner to Mozambique Lloyd Himaambo told ZANIS in a press statement that the development was one of the fruits of President Hqakainde Hichilema’s recent state visit to that country.

Mr. Himaambo explained that, when President Hichilema visited Mozambique in April this year, he instructed that the process of allowing Mozambican Airline to start operating the Lusaka route be expedited.

Ambassador Himaambo explained that it is President Hichilema’s view that countries in the region should intensify trade among themselves before they can even engage overseas partners.

Mr. Himaambo noted the launch of Maputo to Lusaka flights will lead to more trade between Zambia and Mozambiaque.

Presently, there are no direct flights between Lusaka and Maputo and travelers have to connect through Johannesburg or Addis Ababa.

On 8th May 2023, The Zambia Civil Aviation Authority granted Mozambican Airline permission to operate the Lusaka Maputo route


  1. “Ms Matediane said the airline will fly to and from Maputo and Lusaka three times a week.”
    This is why state owned airlines fail …surely how many passengers will be on those flights with all the competition from SAL, Ethophian Airlines, Kenyan airlines etc? I was on a flight from Nairobi to Lusaka on an Embraer evening flight and the flight was only about 7 passengers it was basically 10% full…where is this airliine going to get all those passengers.

    • That is a tunnel view you re having. Airlines research and strategise on routes. The other airlines arent flying that route so Mozambique feels it can afford three flights a week. Zambia Airways one time had a succesful flight to America because they were a Lusaka-New York monopoly

    • Africa is ours – That’s where you are wrong…the moment you mentioned Zambia Airways; that New York route was never successful infact the flights were full of fully discounted employees with tickets. My aunty who was an employee did most of her travelling every week because of those free tickets. SAL and KA dont manage to fill up those seats where is this airline going to get passengers?

    • You havent responded to my points save for the Lusaka N York issue. And I will maintain that the NY route was succesful cos my uncle worked for SAA and not only they but Middle East airlines were to jump on similar routes after studying ZA’s Africa USA flight

    • Africa is ours – I am have studied the business models of most successful airlines from an enthusiast’s point of view. You have no idea why Zambia Airways even thought just because of seeing those Big Apple ads on ZNBC you thought the route was a success. My classmate, his sisters and brothers used to go to London and NY every month practically free of charge because their mom was an employee.

  2. Lsk airport has only 14 airlines,Maputo has only 10 serving there.Until we get critical mass of passengers arriving at these 3rd tier airports then business for airlines like this one will die.Only Nairobi,Jo’burg and Addis have over 30 airlines and over ten million passengers per yr unlike starved Lsk/Maputo.

  3. Another example is Zambian Airlines which is partially owned by EA its now on the Joburg route competing with local Zambian owned airlines…its going to kill off all local airlines then fold itself and we will be back to square one wonder why we dont have any airlines locally owned.

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