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HH salutes Biden’s support for Lobito Corridor Rail Project


President Hakainde Hichilema has expressed his delight over the support extended by US President Joe Biden towards the Lobito Corridor rail project. This ambitious initiative is set to transform the African continent by establishing a vital trade route connecting the east and west regions.

President Biden recently announced that the United States has already mobilized over $30 billion in investments for the Lobito Corridor project. This commitment reflects the US government’s dedication to fostering African infrastructure development, as expressed during the US-Africa Leaders Summit.

President Hichilema, believes that the Lobito Corridor rail project will fulfill Zambia’s aspirations of becoming a land-linked country with numerous connections to both the East and West Coasts of Africa, as well as the rest of the world. The president highlighted that the project’s implementation will bring significant benefits to strategic sectors such as agriculture and mining, among others.

Taking to his official Facebook page, President Hichilema expressed his gratitude towards President Biden and the United States for their substantial investment in the Lobito Corridor rail project. The president emphasized the significance of this development in furthering Zambia’s economic growth and regional integration.

The Lobito Corridor, stretching from Angola’s Atlantic coast to the Democratic Republic of Congo, represents a pivotal link in Africa’s transportation network. By establishing an efficient rail connection, it will facilitate the movement of goods, services, and people, bolstering regional trade and enhancing economic cooperation.

Furthermore, the Lobito Corridor rail project will play a crucial role in unlocking the vast potential of Zambia’s agricultural and mining sectors. With improved transportation infrastructure, farmers will have better access to markets, enabling them to export their produce more efficiently. Similarly, the mining industry will benefit from streamlined logistics, ensuring the timely delivery of minerals and enhancing their competitiveness on the global stage.

The Lobito Corridor rail project aligns with President Hichilema’s vision of transforming Zambia into an economic powerhouse. The development of robust infrastructure, particularly in the transportation sector, will create opportunities for job creation, attract foreign direct investment, and elevate Zambia’s standing as a regional trade hub.

As the Lobito Corridor rail project gains momentum with the support of the United States, President Hichilema remains optimistic about the future of Zambia and the broader African continent. With increased connectivity and improved transportation networks, Africa can harness its immense potential, opening doors to new markets, investments, and socio-economic progress.


  1. Very quick to thank his gay masters but fails to meet with our biggest lenders in the east. Inferiority complext ibvi

  2. The US help is very welcome.
    The Benguela rail and TAZARA portions are fully operational. But the rail portion in the DRC(Lueno to Mufulira) requires a complete overhaul.
    Once that is done Zambia’s copper, cobalt, manganese will be quickly shipped to the seaport of lobito in Angola.The trip to the seaport will be cut in half and costs will be reduced significantly.
    Besides the copper used in the TESLA electric cars comes from 2 Glencore owned mines in the DRC.

  3. That’s US for you throwing spanners in works for the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative…and their Butler Hakainde doing everything to appease them!!

  4. Our own son of the soil Enock Kavindele who lobbying govts for this project for years but a Zambian especially politicians will never promote a fellow countryman we would rather have the foreigners own strategic infrastructure!

  5. We had the Benguela railway line which was destroyed by UNITA, UNITA who were supported by the US govt. I believe this can be viewed as a reparation for acts committed by previous American regimes. Then Kavindele tried to make a railway line which would connect NW province to the main railway grid but never received support. Let us hope this American initiative will inject a new lifeline of development into the country. Regardless of where FDI is coming from, we welcome it, we need it desperately so great move and we hope more initiatives will take place.

  6. I am UPND but very embarrassed by our own ministers who think the President is beyond reproach. Cabinet should organize seminars for such ministers whose backwardness is very visible in the new democratic dispensation. How does a minister worth his salt go and tell the Kitwe mayor that dont criticise the President. Just how? Back to the 1400s.

  7. Guys, railways and all transport systems in the US and really poor if compared with Chinese. How can the US do a good rail system in Zambia when theirs is in the dumps?

    • @ Mwansa…Great observation. It’s all smoke and mirrors for the Americans and their puppet HH, dangling on strings. They want to make their puppet appear like he’s doing something worthwhile for the country, with his American masters. America’s railroad infrastructure is falling apart. How can they fix Zambia’s railroads?

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