Monday, June 24, 2024

Government in the process of enacting a judicial college act


GOVERNMENT is in the process of enacting a judicial college act aimed at capacity building and improved legal systems in Zambia.
Speaking when the Chief Justice of England and Wales Lord Burnett of Maldon called on him at his office in Lusaka on Wednesday, Minister of Justice Mulambo Haimbe indicated that the judicial college act is aimed at creating the judicial tailor-made courses that will be home grown and able to facilitate the delivery of continuous development.

Mr. Haimbe stated that Government has made strides in advancing legal systems through engaging in judicial reforms aimed at promoting transparency within the Judiciary.

He affirmed that the country is ready and open to work with the United Kingdom (UK) in improving the Judiciary systems for the benefit of the society.

“We are enthusiastic to learn from your experience, gain insight into your Judicial system and explore areas of potential collaboration to enhance our legal framework and economic development,” said Mr. Haimbe.

Meanwhile, Lord Burnett of Maldon Ian Burnett said Judicial collaboration between the two countries is key to improving the rule of law, securing human rights and supporting economic development.

The Lord Chief Justice said judicial collaboration can help to address some of the global community challenges citing cyber-crime, gender-based violence and climate change.

Lord Burnett of Maldon commended the Government of Zambia for the legal reforms noting the abolishment of the death penalty, enactment of the Children’s Code Act and establishing of the economic crimes court.

“The United Kingdom is keen to work closely with Zambia in improving the Judiciary systems because the two countries share in the common tradition of the law and values in democracy,” he said.


  1. How do you bring the people that colonised you into your legal system and let them recolonize you. When we told you that hh is an agent of the evil imperialist you called us names. We now have a USA army base on our soils. Our father mugabe is turning in his grave. Hh is a waste of sperm

  2. I’m afraid I can’t follow these clichéd reports that don’t inform. What is a judicial college act?

  3. How come Zimbabwe has the Act and Zambia has none despite having a President who worked in the Judiciary Department. But he wanted to pass bill 10 in a biased manner.

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