Sunday, July 21, 2024

Lobola for underage marriage will be confiscated


The Zambia National Men’s Network for Gender and Development has lauded Chief Hamusonde of Monze for his recent declaration that dowry payments for underage girls will be treated as proceeds of crime and confiscated by the chiefdom. The network’s National Coordinator, Nelson Banda, commended the chief’s firm stance, stating that it would discourage young men from pursuing underage girls and dissuade parents from accepting dowry payments for their underage daughters.

Mr. Banda emphasized that Chief Hamusonde’s decision was a crucial step toward preventing gender-based violence, as underage girls are often vulnerable to becoming victims of child marriage. By deeming dowry payment for underage girls as illegal and confiscating the proceeds, the chief is actively working to protect the rights and well-being of young girls in the community.

Speaking to ZNBC News, Mr. Banda expressed his appreciation for Chief Hamusonde’s progressive approach in addressing the issue of child marriage. He stressed that child marriage not only robs young girls of their childhood but also obstructs their future prospects.

“Child marriage has devastating effects on young girls, hindering their educational and personal development,” stated Mr. Banda. “By taking a firm stance against dowry payment for underage girls, Chief Hamusonde is safeguarding their futures and promoting gender equality within the community.”


  1. Very welcome and wise decision. But as usual, there’ll always be those that think in reverse. Many cases of defilement in villages aren’t reported when the culprit accepts responsibility and pays dowry. So HRH Senior Chief Hamusonde is on firm ground. It’s within his rights to impose such by-laws in his chiefdom and recommend that others emulate his example


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