Friday, June 14, 2024

Businessman Arrested in Petauke for Alleged Forgery and Publication of President Hichilema’s Letter


The police have apprehended a businessman, Rizwaan Dawood Patel, in connection with the publication of a letter purportedly authored by President Hakainde Hichilema. Patel, a resident of Petauke, has been charged with two counts of forgery and two counts of publication of information, violating the provisions of the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Act.

The arrest is linked to a document circulating, claiming that President Hichilema had instructed the Zambia Security and Intelligence Services to monitor the activities of Catholic Archbishop Alick Banda. In addition, the suspect is believed to have forged a document indicating that Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Joseph Akafumba requested the Secretary to the Cabinet to lodge a complaint with the Vatican regarding Archbishop Banda’s actions.

Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga has confirmed Patel’s arrest. The 41-year-old businessman has been released on bond but is expected to appear in court soon to face the charges brought against him. Hamoonga further explained that Patel, in collaboration with other individuals, utilized Facebook pages such as “Patriotic Front” and “Grindstone Television Zambia” to disseminate the alleged fraudulent documents.

The arrest has raised concerns about the dissemination of false information and the misuse of social media platforms to manipulate public opinion.


  1. Tribal attacks. They accuse those of Eastern heritage for a crime against the tribal hh. It is so obviously tribalism. Fuseke.

  2. Give him and his enablers the maximum possible sentence…………

    Forging documents purported to be from the head of state is a very dangerous activity………..

  3. These are not forgeries. The offense and charge should be smuggling official documents without permission.
    People inside are sending information from government institutions.

  4. Sometimes you do things to show your leaders as if you are very committed and loyal to the leadership and the party without thinking of the consequences until the law catches up with you.

  5. This is fishing in a dry pond. Time shall come to account for these atrocities against humanity. The West and NGOs are damn quite because the New Dawn is serving their interests very well

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