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LAZ Condemns Appalling Police Brutality and Abuse of Citizens in Zambia


In a scathing denouncement, the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has expressed its outrage over recent incidents of police brutality and the deplorable treatment inflicted upon citizens and members of the Opposition. LAZ President, Mr. Lungisani Zulu, issued a statement highlighting the disturbing acts of violence perpetrated by the police.

Notably, LAZ condemned the vicious torture endured by Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba, former Permanent Representative to the African Union, as well as Rizwan Patel, a PF Petauke official, and Given Phiri, a co-accused individual linked to Dr. Christopher Zumani Zimba, former State House Special Assistant for Politics.

However, the condemnation didn’t stop there. Mr. Zulu also took aim at the insensitive remarks made by Inspector General of Police, Raohaesl Musamba. Musamba’s callous statement, which implied that the Opposition should comply with his officers or face the use of “minimum force,” was met with unequivocal disapproval from LAZ.

Highlighting the legal context, Mr. Zulu stressed that such acts of torture and inhuman treatment are strictly prohibited under Article 15 and the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. He demanded that the Inspector General of Police take immediate action and implement remedial measures to address this deeply concerning trend.

LAZ’s condemnation represents a resounding call for justice and an end to the abhorrent treatment of Zambian citizens. The association’s fervent hope is that the authorities will swiftly address these violations and ensure the protection of human rights for all individuals within the country.


  1. Kabili Hh cried during his time thinking when we put him into iffice he will change things , alas he is worser than kk regime the vigilante

    • This government has created a tax-payers-waste-pipeline through future compensation court cases. Why is that so? Because, all these guys such as Mumbi Phiri, Sean Tembo, Emmanuel Mwamba etc who have been tortured, will sue the government for compensation in millions. Therefore, for a president who wants to control spending – he is actually on the campaign to waste money through useless political-scores & hateful-machinations. This is a pure lack of fiscal thinking. I speak as a person who has invested money in government via buying government bonds, money that should be used for development. We are borrowing from local and International institutions such as IMF & World Bank, only to use the money to pay wasteful court settlement cases.

    • Ba @ Independent Observer

      How did you personally invest your money in government. Is that not the corruption we are fighting to eradicate ??

    • Cha Cha Cha – You can contact The Government Debt Management Offices, Banks or Pension Funds, they will give you information how to buy Government Bonds. Rather, how to invest or lend money to GRZ. The government once in a while, goes to borrow money from local Banks to stay afloat. Those banks use money held by deposit holders. If the bank does not have enough capital, and they see an opportunity to buy Government Bonds, they ask clients ( such as you) for cash injection, in return for interest yields. So Try it. Its profitable because you guaranteed profit yields by contractual agreements & certificates.

  2. Can you go further than the statement and institute private prosecution of those involved? The era of statements is now gone. It’s time to act without fear. The UPND will get worse as they reality of fast lost popularity dawns. They’re getting desperate everyday.

  3. Well articulated Mr Zulu and something must be done soon and very disappointing to see NGO’s that deal with human rights been quiet.What has happened to these organisations.Are these organisations fake or what.No way they can be quiet like this,are they real human rights organisations or they were and are up to something, currency………kkkkkk too bad to have such human rights organisations and kudos to LAZ though LAZ also needs to be more proactive.

  4. Where have you been all this time. Me thinks you are talking now because you haven’t been appointed. People have been arrested without being charged…Mumbi Phiri was arrested on instructions from State House and detained for months.. you didn’t say anything..why now? Just shut up… people are now accustomed to what you call Upnd brutality.

  5. Am surprised how you want to paint a picture that things are worse now when PF led the most brutal admin. For those others you mentioned, many people died out of gassing and now you wat to condemn when justice is being done. If it was your relative who died you would have been quiet.

    • So Mwamba or Mumbi Phiri were responsible for gassing. None of the people that have been brutalized have been convicted of any crime. And for Spaka, Tongas are a minority group. If the people you keep insulting react HH will be the last Tonga to rule this country. The people that you keep insulted voted for UPND that is why UPND won. You are the only ones that vote on tribal lines.

  6. Dictatorship is a characteristic of a failed leader. If HH fulfilled his campaign promises, there will be no need to brutalize those telling him he has failed. He promised that he will not borrow, mealie meal will be at k50, fertilizer at k250, fuel at k5. When he tried very hard to explain his failures using graphs, he went after those that said those graphs are reflective in peoples lives.

  7. Lungisani Zulu is being disingenuous. I do not believe he is speaking for LAZ as a whole but purely as a PF cadre and a co-conspirator.
    The charges that have been made by the PF criminals is all lies and propaganda.
    These people have undertaken criminal acts and have been uncooperative and obstructive when being apprehended because they think they are above the law.

    • What is happening in Zambia is shameful to say the least this president is creating his own demise he has forgotten that the same people he is troubling are the same people who voted for him .

    • @Kaizar Silu. Look at this oval-headed fat-nosed kilicha who’s been calling others ugly. In his twisted insane mind he thinks he is handsome. It’s like the devil calling himself God. Take a look at his profile and how he looks in person. KKKKKKK! What a mess of a face. Advice: Let sleeping dogs lie.

  8. It is very wrong to say that people are criticizing Bemba and Ngoni people, no. It is those wrong politicians hiding in the name of Bemba and Ngoni who are denting the names. Otherwise, who is a chimana (beemba). All peoples of this world are all surrounded by beemba which is ocean. Black people originally were in Central Asia and crossed the Ocean to come to Africa.
    Ngoni was a special fighting wing of Shaka and NOT a name of a Tribe, The tribe should be ZULU or SHONA people and NOT NGONI PEOPLE. Ngooni is a Shona name meaning stabbing.

    • What are you trying to defend? Even those who are quiet are not doing so for fear of being branded tribal. But inside they enjoy it.

    • Teembo go back to school and re-learn your History. The Ngoni were a branch of what are now called Zulus. When the Ngoni left Kwazulu they called themselves the Nguni because that was the identity of the grouping of tribes Shaka was uniting. These tribes had come from Angola/DRC or Lunda Luba. They changed to Ngoni after crossing the Zambezi post 1835. The Shona came from the Lunda Luba Kingdom separately and were not Zulu. All humans came from Africa and to other continents not from India to Africa.

  9. The inspector General needs to resign. He is a politician. He said opposition part need to cooperate what does he mean ? Let’s the courts do its job not you sir arrest and let the court deal with them.

    • Any Kangaroo court would immediately notice that all the victims are opposition party members. All are PF members. Vice doesnt operate in one group only unless police are deliberately blind to it. Are we doomed to having the same vindictive politician leadership forever?

  10. I don’t think HH knows why Zambians voted for him and he is becoming irrelevant to Zambian voters , I wonder if people will try to vote for his kind again this is a lesson to learn from .
    People wanted cheap food prices but he has gone flat out to do what cannot reduce prices of fuel mealiemeal and reduced cost of living , he is creating hatred amongst Zambians what kind of a human being is he .
    Does he know that there more important things citizens want him to do, Iam really surprised that he is now stack on this non productive venture .

    • #Nshilimubemba. It’s something complicated because our minds only see one team on the pitch.
      PF never acknowledged that the opposition were being denied permits to for public assemblies.
      The other day I was listening to Radio Icengelo where a Upnd official was boasting about the freedom of assembly under the Upnd government. Well I said is this man just waking up from a long slumber? Then I remembered that even the PF boasted of same.
      In short when one has the advantages, they don’t care about what is happening to those who don’t have those advantages.

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