Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Mpezeni lauds Govt for early distribution of inputs


Paramount Chief Mpezeni says the early supply of farming inputs for the coming 2023/2024 farming season by the government reminds the people of Eastern Province of good agricultural policies under Dr Kenneth Kaunda UNIP regime.

The Paramount Chief has recalled how the agriculture sector thrived under Dr Kaunda’s administration saying this is what is beginning to happen under the new dawn administration.

He  at Mwami border in Chipata that the people of Eastern Province are happy to see the early distribution of farming inputs meant for the upcoming farming season as this gives farmers adequate and timely preparation.

Chief Mpezeni has further noted that the revamping of the production of fertilizer at the Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ) plant is a big achievement by the government as it will not only facilitate quick supply of fertilizer but also impact on the cost of the commodity.

He has predicted an improved and high performing agriculture sector under the current government provided it continues to implement favourable agriculture policies.

The traditional leader said agriculture remains critical in boosting the country’s economy, particularly that it provides means of livelihood among rural communities.

“The opposition can criticize even good things simply because it is their role. But we are seeing good things especially the manner the supply of fertilizer has been done by the current government,” he said.

Meanwhile, Paramount Chief Mpezeni has hailed the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) for initiating the village electrification scheme which he said is a game changer in the area.

He said the installation of grid electricity to Luageni village is significant as it has transformed the lives of the locals who are now able to venture into poultry and fish production.

The Chief was speaking when REA consultant Parkie Mboza paid a courtesy call on him.

Dr Mboza told Chief Mpezeni that he was in the area to meet stakeholders to understand the impact of REA programs in the benefiting communities.


  1. These wasteful traditional chiefdoms should be disbanded/abolished.Tanzania,Kenya and others don’t have these misfits.

    • If you want a conversation on what we should do with chiefs, do not start by insulting. I personally do not have strong views on whether to abolish chiefs or to retain them. But I do not insult them as they represent centres of power and authority before the British brought all these centres of power and authority under the colonial state of Northern Rhodesia which was reborn as Zambia at independence.

  2. These fcking porchers need to be arrested. Do they even eat the wild cats they kill for their skins? fcking barbarians.

  3. Fred M’membe will still find fault with early distribution of farm inputs. If he doesn’t, he still won’t give credit for it. To M’membe, the UPND government is all evil that should be fought.

  4. I am not sure if fertilizer has been distributed and if NCZ is operational. Chief Mpezeni says the same things about every government that comes in to power. Very soon he will come to Lusaka and try to grab another GRZ vehicle like he has been doing over the years. May be as a chief, you need to support the government in power.

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