Thursday, June 13, 2024

“Junkies Can Reform: They Need Our Support – Kamwala Ward Councilor


Kamwala Ward Councilor, Hon. Mainda Simataa, and WGZ Donate and Educate Kamwala Remand Prison Juvenile Inmates

Kamwala Ward Councilor, Mainda Simataa, firmly believes that juvenile delinquents, commonly referred to as “junkies,” have the potential to transform and become valuable contributors to society. He emphasizes that all they require is support and empowerment.

In collaboration with Janet Namute, leading Women in Governance Zambia (WGZ), Councilor Simataa recently made generous donations of assorted food and non-food items to over 100 juvenile inmates currently in detention at the facility.

“None of these boys were born criminals; it is the shackles of poverty that often push them towards a life of crime. As responsible citizens, it is our duty to provide them with psychological, emotional, and above all, economic support throughout their journey of transformation,” stated Councilor Simataa.

The donations made by Councilor Simataa and WGZ are aimed at improving the well-being and conditions of the incarcerated juveniles. By addressing their immediate needs, such as access to nutritious food and essential supplies, this initiative seeks to lay a foundation for rehabilitation and successful reintegration into society.

Councilor Simataa further emphasized the importance of a holistic approach in tackling the root causes of juvenile delinquency. He called upon stakeholders and the broader community to join hands in providing guidance, mentorship, and opportunities for skill development to these vulnerable youth.

Initiatives like these demonstrate a shift in the narrative surrounding juvenile delinquents, moving away from stigmatization and hopelessness towards understanding, compassion, and a belief in their potential for positive change.

Councilor Simataa’s efforts, alongside the support of WGZ, serve as a powerful reminder of the significance of empowering and supporting young individuals who find themselves in conflict with the law. By doing so, we can break the cycle of crime and contribute to the creation of a safer and more inclusive society.


  1. Majority of Upnd members are broke junkies. Under pf cadres were empowered to own businesses and leave life of poverty. Under upnd their cadres are so broke to even afford mere bottle beer. They beg from us but are in ruling party.

  2. By the same tohen look at the PF losers crying foul all the time now that their illegal means of taking money has been withdrawn

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