Saturday, June 22, 2024

Barrick Gold Corporation praises govt.


Barrick Gold Corporation has praised government for restoring investor confidence following government’ successful debt restructuring deal last month.

 Barrick President and Chief Executive Officer Mark Bristow says the debt restructuring has made Zambia more viable for investment.

He said this when he addressed the media at Barrick Lumwana Mining Company (LMC) in Kalumbila district.

“The restructuring has made the country more investable. We are committed investors in this country and the best way for Africa to really develop is to attract investment and that is what the current President of Zambia has done,” he said.

Mr Bristow further stated that President Hakainde Hichilema has created an enabling environment for investment.

And LMC Country Finance and Administration Manager, Anthony Malenga pointed out that the debt restructuring gives a long-term perspective to future investors as well as stability in the economy.


  1. Barrick Gold and others should have left this country if they were not happy with previous administrations. But they stayed on. Why? They were still making money. Today they are ripping our wealth to the bone. This is called investor confidence. A new government will come in and a new phrase to praise them will be coined.

  2. When a billonaire miner praises a poor African govt just know that you as citzens are getting a raw deal.

  3. The late president of Mozambique, Samora Marcel, once said to his country men and women that “When you see the West praising me highly, just know that I have betrayed you”
    Barrick Gold is screwing us big time because the concessions they have given by ND govt.

    • How much has Kasenseli Gold Mine which the PF was running with agents of Sudanese war criminal Omar al Bashir paid in taxes to government? Remember, you were in charge.

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