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President Hichilema visits Ghana’s recycling plant


President Hakainde Hichilema has assured private companies that government will provide the necessary support for them to thrive.

President Hichilema was speaking in reference to a waste management company operating in Ghana that also has its presence in Zambia but has had difficulties in implementing its vision in the previous governments.

He said government is ready to work and not just talk about transforming the economy and improving the welfare of people.

The Head of State wondered why Accra’s biggest recycling company which set base in Zambia several years ago has not accomplished the work as compared to the plant in Ghana.

President Hichilema was speaking when he visited Ghana’s leading waste management company where he was taken on a conducted tour of the plant for purposes of helping him understand the model which they are using to turn waste into cash.

Mr Hichilema learnt that among the challenges faced by the company was lack of political will from government and civic leaders.

He said a lot of leaders in Africa have resolved to lift each other to address the economic challenges that exist, adding that government is determined to enhance private sector partnership.

“So you don’t have to persuade us for support, our doors are open wider now and government will work with you to support this initiative,” he told the Executive Chairman of Zoomilion Waste Management Company.

And Zoomilion Executive Chairman, Joseph Agyapong said Africa faces a challenge in waste management because very few people budget for it.

Dr Agyapong said the company has set up a model that has enabled about 10 thousand people in Accra in the informal sector who are working on collecting waste which is then sold to the company.

He stated that the model can also work well in Zambia as almost 1.3 tonnes of waste is generated in a short period of time in Lusaka alone.

“Mr President, to manage waste, governments need to put it as a priority and this is one of the reasons why most African countries are struggling with waste because of lack of political will,” he said.

Dr Agyapong said the Ghanaian government has shown commitment in managing waste by supporting the company to commission over 48 recycling plants with 16 more expected to be commissioned this year.

And in clarification, Minister of Tourism, Rodney Sikumba explained that government did not designate a specific land field in densely populated areas which could have added a challenge to the operations of  Zoomilion.

“We have not started sorting the waste but something is being done to turn waste into cash,” he said.

Zoomilion is a leading waste management company that has set recycling plants in Lusaka, Kabwe and Ndola.


  1. Ghana is not exemplary in recycling waste.That nation is a dumping ground for used electronics,used clothes etc and there’s many documentaries on YouTube from Germany,Russia & USA about their filthy waste sites.Ghana’s Agbogbloshie waste site is notorious worldwide.

  2. President hichilema I will suck your p.e.n.i.s if you agree to legalise lgbt rights in zambia. Thank you sir

    • @Wagner…You Sicko definitely needs to be arrested and caged for a 100 years. You’re a danger to yourself and to others. In the meantime, take your meds and go to bed. Sicko.

    • That is how passionate and willing we are as lgbt community to bring about change. No fight for human rights or civil rights was ever comfortable.

  3. Wasteful president goes to Ghana to waste money ney on gratuitous PHD and then visits waste company to show Bach home that he went for a serious business. Criminality hidden in faked trips. Stealing millions of Keacha in each unnecessary trip.

    • He could spend that time productively by staying home and fighting for our lgbt rights. He is quick to accept donor funds from countries that respect gay rights but slow to enact gay freedom


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