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Fighting Corruption: Calls for Asset Declaration Intensify as Speculations Surround Dismissal of Minister of Luapula Province


President’s Omission Raises Questions of Commitment to Transparency and Accountability

By Alexander Vomo

In the ongoing battle against corruption in Zambia, recent developments have brought to light critical concerns regarding the commitment of the government, particularly the president, to transparency and accountability. The dismissal of a minister amidst speculation of involvement in an illegal sugilite mining scandal has shed light on the extent of corruption within the administration. At the same time, the absence of asset declaration by the president has raised questions about the consistency and determination of the government in its anti-corruption endeavors.

The abrupt dismissal of the Luapula Province Minister has left the public puzzled and seeking answers. While the reason behind the dismissal remains undisclosed, speculations have surfaced linking the minister to an illegal Sugilite mining scandal. This scandal, which has implicated numerous individuals, including police officers and officials from the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND), underscores the urgent need to address corruption within the government’s ranks.

Amidst the allegations and dismissals, a significant inconsistency emerges. The president, who has emphasized the fight against corruption, has not declared his assets since assuming office. This omission raises doubts about the government’s commitment to transparency and accountability. Asset declaration by the president would serve as a crucial demonstration of leadership, ensuring that the highest office in the land is held to the same standards as others and fostering a culture of openness and integrity.

The symbolic importance of the president declaring his assets cannot be overstated. It would send a powerful message to the public, stakeholders, and international partners that Zambia is serious about fighting corruption. By leading by example and voluntarily disclosing his assets, the president would enhance credibility, rebuild public trust, and create a foundation of transparency upon which the government’s anti-corruption efforts can stand.

Addressing the contradictions and addressing the concerns surrounding corruption requires consistent action. While the dismissal of officials allegedly involved in corrupt practices is a step forward, it is equally vital for the president to complement such actions with asset declaration. This move would not only align with the government’s anti-corruption rhetoric but also demonstrate a genuine commitment to transparency, ensuring that the fight against corruption begins at the top.

The recent dismissal of the Luapula Province Minister without a disclosed reason, combined with speculations of their involvement in an illegal Sugilite mining scandal, highlights the seriousness of corruption allegations within the government. The involvement of multiple individuals, including police officers and party officials, suggests a wider network of corruption that needs to be addressed.

Lack of Asset Declaration by the President since assuming office, while simultaneously emphasizing the fight against corruption, raises questions about consistency and commitment. Asset declaration by the president would
demonstrate a proactive approach to transparency, reinforcing the government’s commitment to accountability and providing a benchmark for others to follow.

The president’s declaration of assets would send a powerful symbolic message to the public and stakeholders that he is genuinely dedicated to combating corruption. It would reinforce the notion that leaders should be held to the same standards as others and that the fight against corruption begins at the top.

Failure to declare assets can create skepticism and erode public trust. It may lead to perceptions that the government’s anti-corruption rhetoric is not being fully backed by actions. In contrast, asset declaration would enhance the president’s credibility and demonstrate a genuine commitment to transparency, thereby strengthening public trust in the government’s anti-corruption efforts.

In the face of corruption allegations and ongoing efforts to combat this pervasive issue, the importance of asset declaration by the president cannot be understated. The call for the president to declare his assets grows louder, with citizens and stakeholders seeking reassurance of the government’s commitment to transparency and accountability. Only through consistent action and leading by example can Zambia effectively combat corruption and restore faith in its governance.


  1. I have quit Lusaka times.

    I will not blog again until Lusaka Times grow some balls and get rid of the troll wagner. I will also go into self imposed exile and fasting until my uncle is given a government job after all his sacrifices to help upnd win.

    Those that know me personally know how to reach me by mobile and email

    • Iwe tarino don’t be a quitter
      Don’t you know that’s exactly what he wants
      Me I don’t even look at the posts.

    • Can Lusaka times block all accounts containing the tarino name. Enough is enough. Tarino is addicted to attention such that he is cloning himself. All he or she does is complaining and crying or criticising others. Block this thing and all the problems will go away. Lusaka times act for once

    • @Tarino, is good it’s you who told these critoless LT.
      This idyot Vono also need deleted, how many times is HH going to “declare” assets. How can you ask HH and Elos Musk to declare assets? They are rich, that’s it.

    • This person Derrick Chitundu became a suspicious character when it was reported sometime early this year that his house in Ndola was attacked by armed men who disappeared. A lot of questions ran through my mind.Now I have an inkling about what he really was

    • Yesterday i pointed out that there is bullying on this website. It seems this wanger guy or kaizer are hated for political reasons. How is his comments deleted for expressing his views. What rules has wagner broken? We can’t develop our freedom of expression and speech with such arbitrary censuring

    • Nothing has been deleted boss. He legit just wrote deleted in bold and posted. Again, last time I comment on this issue.

    • Independent Observer

      There are sites for gay grievances……

      LT is a site where people blog to discuss stories at hand partening to current affairs……..

    • I read that comment before it read deleted. I doubt wagner has brain cells to actually delete or amend a comment.

      Can you point me to the Lusaka times rules that list the topics that can be discussed or posted here? I don’t pick sides but I respect fairness. There is bullying here by a select few who think they deserve to blog more than others. It is childish school type of mentality ganging up on other bloggers


  3. One thing that is baffling is ……….

    Why is the PF highrachy not pushing for the president to disclose his assets ????

    They are very silent on this………

  4. What a useless article. The former minister was arrested together with Police officers and charges are known. How is that speculation? From paragraph one to the end, you keep waffling about HH assets. Is HH the one being investigated?

  5. Anyone who thinks or believes that Hakainde is serious about fighting corruption must either be naive or needs serious debriefing and or counselling.

    • So all the chaps arrested by the ACC are just for show? What exactly is your definition of being serious in the corruption fight when even UPND members are being arrested? You make ZERO sense mune.

  6. When a whistle is blown against an individual, ACC must investigate. Not what happened about Milupi and Musokotwane where the president jumped to their defense as if he sleeps, eats, shops, plays with them 24/7. They may be innocent but just like any citizen they have be cleared via the normal process.
    No whistleblower should be insulted by anyone regardless. Let the blower give evidence without intimidation.

  7. The PF themselves amended or repealed a long existing law which allowed ECZ to release a presidential candidates asset declaration to the public.
    If you cant answer this question then keep quiet.

  8. The ignorant chap who wrote this article needs to be advised that HH already declared his assets as per law when he stood as president and that PF changed the law that required that this declaration be made public obviously to shield Lungu from questions on how he amassed substantial wealth.

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