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Catholic Priest Raises Concerns Over Resignation of Auditor General, Expresses Need for Separation of Powers


Catholic Priest Father Andrew Chewe Mukosa has expressed concerns regarding the recent resignation of Auditor General Dick Sichembe, suggesting that it may hinder the Auditor General’s office from effectively exposing corruption under the current rule of the UPND Government.

President Hakainde Hichilema accepted Dr. Sichembe’s resignation as Auditor General last week.

Father Mukosa, a priest at St. Joseph Mission in Lufwanyama, located in the Copperbelt Province, lamented Dr. Sichembe’s resignation, stating that it demonstrates a lack of separation of powers within the governance system.

The Franciscan Friar believes that Dr. Sichembe’s resignation indicates a lack of independence in the operations of the Auditor General’s office.

According to Father Mukosa, the Auditor General’s office should have the freedom to operate independently in order to expose misconduct within all government entities.

“It is unfortunate that high-profile individuals can resign in this manner in our country. The Auditor General’s office is an independent portfolio that should be separate from the leadership. This office needs to operate on its own terms as it audits all government entities,” expressed Father Mukosa.

He further stated, “We have seen the accepted letter of resignation from the Auditor General. We need to appoint individuals who can deliver. We advocate for separation of powers. We do not want the judiciary to be attached to the Executive or the Legislature. We desire a proper separation of powers.”

Father Mukosa emphasized the vital role of the Auditor General’s office in the fight against corruption.

“It is disheartening to witness Zambia, our beloved country, fall into a state of lawlessness under this leadership. Many people are expressing their grievances. I am not speaking out solely for my own benefit or to align myself with any political party. I am voicing my concerns because I am a citizen of Zambia and I have the right to express my dissatisfaction,” emphasized Father Mukosa.


  1. Gives rise to speculation When the chief auditor leaves, we pray to God that all is well with the public accounts!

  2. Interesting how the resignation received very poor coverage but when he was said to have misconducted himself all attention was on him. This shows lack of transparency from our politicians and fear and self sensorship from the media.

  3. Ignorant priests should be quiet on matters they nothing about and stop seeking headlines.
    They are so partisan.

  4. He was NOT retired on national interest which should have raised eyeballs.
    If he has given reasons for his resignation, who can stand on his way (he has the right to do so)

  5. ND govt doesn’t want to be accountable to any constitutional office. There are now maneuvers to have the DPP office watered down for it to be accountable to the executive. The fertilizer distribution scam of the last farming season 2022/2023 which the AG wanted to audit put him in deep trouble. So its laughable for people to fell elated that BMW is fighting corruption by using corrupt means. Corruption in ND govt will make pf administration like saints!

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