Arrest of political leaders by the Police have never taken anybody anywhere

Fred Mmembe at woodlands Police station

Tensions escalated as Dr. Fred M’membe, leader of the Socialist Party, was escorted to the Woodlands Police Station in the company of other senior party officials, including the newly appointed Deputy General Secretary Cde Antonio Mwanza and Party Spokesperson Frank Bwalya. This incident marks another chapter in the ongoing interactions between the Socialist Party and the authorities.

The arrest of Dr.Mmembe follows a series of events and statements that have raised concerns regarding freedom of expression and political pluralism in the country.

In response to Dr. M’membe’s arrest, he took to social media to express his disappointment and critique the current leadership of the Zambia Police Service. He called attention to what he perceives as excessive zeal and partisanship from the police high command, and urged for a more mature and impartial approach in handling matters related to political dissent.

“The exaggerated zeal and partisanship being displayed is totally unnecessary, especially when serving under a directionless, unstable, and one-term government such as this one,” Dr. M’membe stated.

In a counter-response, Zambia’s Inspector General of Police released a statement expressing concern over Dr. M’membe’s recent statements and actions. The Inspector General accused Dr. M’membe of attempting to incite civil disobedience and disrupt the peace that the country currently enjoys.


  1. Ba Musamba what civil disobedience can Mmembe cause? Mmembe can not make even a single person to throw a stone. It’s your actions which can create problems in the nation. The person who appointed you used to say and do things worse than what you are accusing Mmembe of.
    In fact the people who may bring civil strife in our nation are your backers, the USA.

    • HH is scared of Bakapokola because they used to beat him up alot.
      The same case, the guys who beat up HH now goes to Mmembe. This situation is same as Niger.

  2. Who is standing up for the unlawful arrest of gay people in this country? We are tired too of being abused using colonial laws. Allow gays their freedom.

  3. I say it again.Membe at 65 years old is a desperate ,confused and frustrated politician.When next he is whipped by HH in 2026,he will be 68.He will then have to wait another five years to attempt again at 73
    Now you see why the old man will want to do anything possible to become President at all costs.He really wants to be President and needs a change of government soon. This coupled with his emotional instability-as in gun-tooting and shooting-don’t be surprised if he starts supporting the actions of Wagner or even Al Shabab next door

  4. Ministry of agriculture fertilizer tender removed from public procurement website.
    Government is also amending the public procurement Act of 2020 to allow single sourcing and also to remove the requirement for local contractors to play a role in contracts.
    Zambians open your eyes!

  5. One cannot agree with Mmembe in so many ways. But Mmeembe is not a threat to Zambia or UPND. This is just intimidation.

    When a person is unconscious it means that person can not think properly, they don’t know where they are or doing, they have no awareness to reality, cannot make a decision or process any thought. You are *alive but not *alive.

    There is a lot of people in UPND who are unconscious. They afraid of their own ghosts, seem lost from reality and completely senseless.


      A well articulated assessment.
      We have too many people who have no idea what the hell they are doing in government.

  6. The Police Inspector General is very childish and partisan…..what do you expect anyway because he has to bow down to his master HH the one who appointed him

    • Historian they were stinky useless police IGs without any sense of justice. Just like their appointers and now that is being replayed by an equally stinky police IG appointed by a self agrandising President who thinks he is always right

    • None of those were good. To his credit Kajoba did rattle the presidency when he started investigating the legal advisor to the president and that may have gotten him fired.
      This IG is shamelessly being a cadre. There is absolutely no need for the IG to issue statements on arrests. That’s what their PR and publicity office is for.

  7. HH is turning a useless politician into a martyr. In Politics Mmembe is very much a nonentity but with a few imprisonments he will become a Nelson Mandela as voters will forget HH and remember Mmembe’s sufferings

    • But M’membe provoked the government. He somehow came by a classified government letter. That’s illegal everywhere in the world. Worse for M’membe he started disclosing the contents of the classified letter on his social media page. How did you want government to respond to that? What political rights was M’membe exercising by gaining access to the letter?

    • # Gunner how many times did HH claim to know what government was doing? What is good for you is good for another. Let’s break away from nonsense of misusing and abusing government resources. We have too many house break-ins, road accidents, expensive life… this is where energies should be expended.
      So if Mmembe dies in police cells, will this make HH immortal? He will at some point go where we all go… there there’s no Musamba to do your dirty work.

    • I have no recollection of HH disclosing to the public classified government documents. If my memory has failed me, please help. When police bust a criminal gang and make arrests, it doesn’t just happen. Some information would have been exchanged confidentially among the security services. Why should an unauthorised person gain access to such information exchanges? On the confidential letter he gained access to, M’membe crossed the line and I see him getting convicted.

    • Surprised that HH used the same gymnastics which in the end gave him the presidency. It’s like FTJ and the trade unions…. they made him president and in return he destroyed them.

  8. I listened to the IG Press Briefing. just the first 5 minutes, I could tell the IG was being political. This can not be excused.
    Unfortunately, these unprofessional men and women are bringing down HH, as he is the appointing authority, and that is the reason the blame goes to him.

  9. De javu, produce evidence of HH getting a classified government document during his time in opposition and then disclosing the contents on his social media page. Either you put up or shut up.

    • Gunner to start with we are not in court where it’s mandatory to produce evidence. Secondary tell if claiming that State staff briefs you as an opposition leader before briefing the president is not an offence lastly do you know that what Mmembe has been arrested is not even anywhere near classified? Take time to read the laws of Zambia. I nearly forgot, next time you’re in Zambia, interfere with HH’s motorcade.

  10. Most of the men who have an issue against us gays, are those who are failing to satisfy their wives and can’t keep it up. They taking their frustration out on us gays. The same applies to women who hate gays. They are failing to satisfy their husbands who come to us gays for real pleasure and love.

  11. What a country of petty politics. Even political adventurists become heroes by spending a night in police cells.

  12. When 2 elephants are fighting the grass must hide. Solve the equation, If 2H – CU + Au x U = AmericaBritain, Solve FM + ZP(CU + Au) x U = Zambia.

  13. Among three parties who will take over the government this coming general election,and the two parties have the similarities of manifesto but different to the other, am sure countrywide has noticed that,but this coming elections no one can predict it.

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