UPND Leadership agree on plan to address Zambia’s pressing needs


The UPND National Management Committee (NMC) held a meeting yesterday during which discussions centered around key actions to effectively respond to the priorities of the people of Zambia.

During the meeting, representatives from the UPND’s NMC and government officials engaged in a constructive dialogue aimed at identifying and strategizing on ways to meet the urgent needs of the citizens. The discussions underscored the shared commitment of both parties to collaborate in order to deliver tangible and meaningful results that improve the lives of Zambians across the nation.

President Hakainde Hichilema expressed his gratitude for the productive conversation and the spirit of cooperation exhibited by all participants. “We are dedicated to working hand in hand to address the priorities that matter most to our people. Our citizens’ well-being and progress remain at the forefront of our efforts,” President Hichilema stated.

While specific details of the actions and priorities discussed were not disclosed, the commitment to a collaborative approach between the UPND and the Government holds promise for the implementation of effective solutions that address key issues facing Zambia.


    • It took 2yrs to realise that this is part of the job they got elected for; and should have been doing from the first month in power. Yet, we get too much praise singing that HH will win 2026.

      Three days ago, I posted on this platform that there is a lot of people in UPND who are unconscious, out of touch, half-dead and senseless. How about firing the GRZ Spokesperson & Minister of Information, who is the biggest culprit? Then again, HH is afraid of her husband, whom HH singularly awarded a $50m Fertiliser Deal.

    • Independent Observer @@

      I also don’t understand why HH has kept Ms Kasanda as Minister of Information/ Broadcasting & Government Spokesperson. This woman is to be the face of government to explain policies that are working and not working. She is the most daft person in the history of political figures in the history of Zambia. They wonder why they are failing to communicate effectively to the nation.

    • Just to add from above….. the appointment of our government spokesperson is a mystery. Its like she is deaf. Can anyone remind me if she has ever given a one to one interview on radio or television????????

    • It’s because HH is a KING. There is no one who can say … things are not well to him. This was done to calm down the tension inside UPND by inviting these so executive branches of UPND. The jobseekers list is very long within UPND.

    • Kikikiki………The only job Madam Chushi Kasanda has done is that she went to officiate the opening of the ZNBC car park where she even cut a red ribbon. This is the calibre of people running our nation.

    • Zambian politicians are really incompetent and we the people allow them. They just love the gravy train. UPND were in opposition for decades and they are only now agreeing on a plan to address Zambia’s pressing needs? The plan should have been there from Day one!

  1. We need gay rights. Upto now you are delaying our rights. We gays came out in numbers to risk our lives to vote for you. If you don’t introduce gay rights before 2026, kiss good bye to those positions

    • No we don’t need that perversion .Stop preaching that cultural corruption aka “mafi enter from behind” wrong agenda.

    • Mlevi but you will gladly eat your ugly woman’s fishy vaglna which is located in close proximity to her backside. Many of you have anaI with your women. Grow up. You must be a vlrgin with a small doyo

  2. “While specific details of the actions and priorities discussed were not disclosed”….
    Very productive meeting ba UPND leadership. We can see your commitment to addressing our pressing needs. Thanks for holding this very important and urgent meeting.

  3. While specific details of the actions and priorities discussed were not disclosed…
    Very productive meeting by the leadership. We can see your commitment to addressing our pressing needs. Thank you for holding this very important and urgent meeting.

  4. When you lie at first then yiu you have to keep on lying so that you can maintain your initial lie….HH lied during campaigns…now he has to lie throughout his Presidency ….He said debt restructuring is the answer but now he is changing goal posts…gullible Zambians were dancing about IMF deal and we told them that it will end in tears….

  5. A bunch of criminals….overpaying themselves and looting our natural resources..Globetrotting around the world signing useless MOUs……just fooling Gullible Zambians and it is clear that HH travel to do his personal business…nothing to do with developing Zambia and when he leaves office in 2026 this Bandit HH will go in exile…

  6. Michael Sata promised Zambians more money in their pockets within 90 days and it never happened…HH promised Zambians lies and he keeping his promise…more lies coming

  7. Kachasu, a promise to fix the economy was made, remove middle men and things change but the formula has back fired, so what next, lie *lies= lie^°

    • Kuma Lo but your wrong footing starts with the misunderstanding of “the economy”.

      I think you’re speaking of “budget” which is a different animal.

  8. 2 years in office just look at how his Ministers have transformed and how much properties they have acquired…and for HH more than 40 international trips that’s an average of 2 international trips in a month…and look at the Majority Zambians…struggling to put food on the table now even more than it was in PF….we need to tap into how the Scandinavian countries manage their countries…with very few ministries…less Presidential trips local or international….stop trying to imitate the US Presidential motorcade they have trillions of taxpayers dollars to waste….HH Presidential motorcade should be reduced to 6 cars only and his cabinet should be 7 Ministries only…in the next 3 years we are going to save 6 billion dollars

  9. TIKKI has gone underground…he’s probably ashamed of being a UPND vuvuzela…even Spaka is now hiding…yabija makani badala

  10. Soon after being inaugurated HH rushed to go and get photos with Joe Biden and his wife. This was to get approval from the disgraced double standard nation, one wonders whether the approval that Hakainde got by being voted in by the people of Zambia was not enough. Fast forward Hakainde has no clue that the legs he stood on when young people thought that he was “Bally the fixer” are long gone. That explains in part why they say power corrupts. It appears that Hakainde has only been hearing rumous that he has no legs to stand on at all save for support from the inequitous US system that has its own self centred interests.

  11. The problem with HH is that he overates himself and too much self praise…..he is definitely an accidental millionaire via Privatization otherwise…no wonder he boasts too much…he thinks wealth is everything and he wants to be worshipped…..i have seen super rich people here in the USA and they very humble and down to earth….not me me me me….me this me that…not him ….not them but me only HH the small god for Spaka and TIKKI

    • Accidental No. The pilfering was well organised so much that the government couldnt catch him quickly enough. Because they were also busy stealing!

  12. It’s impossible to develop with a puppet in power who is been told of what to do… Puppet of the criminals from the West who are stealing our mineral resources. On his first press conference he mentioned about the need to account for each mineral eg gold,copper, lithium,zinc, cobalt etc which he is not doing today suddenly he is quiet. Why must this country continue to suffer in the midst of so much mineral resources! This puppet of a leader is not taking this country anywhere..They are worse off then pf
    You want the nation to develop yet you are giving businesses to foreigners indeed you are a puppet no doubt.

  13. It’s reported that someone is building a helicopter pad at his private house at a high cost. What happens to this facility when this individual is no longer a GRZ official?
    Just trying to find out.

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