Give credit to New Dawn administration

A UPND Cadre raises the PArty symbol to the delegates
A UPND Cadre raises the PArty symbol to the delegates

Luangeni Member of Parliament Moses Moyo has advised critics in the country to give credit to the government where it is due for its effective performance.

Mr Moyo says checks and balances are good, but credit must also be given to President Hakainde Hichilema for his desire to work for the people of Zambia.

He urged the people in his constituency and the country as a whole to support President Hichilema and his government as it continued to develop the country.

Speaking in an interview with the Zambia News and Information Services) in Chpata , Mr Moyo, who is also Second Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, said a lot of development was taking place in all parts of the country unlike the situation witnessed sometime back.

He said just two years of being in office, the government brought hope among the youths as witnessed with massive skills training in all the parts of the country.

Mr Moyo said the government was walking the talk and was adequately working to ensure that people in the countryside were empowered in order to reduce poverty in households.

“The Food Security Pack (FSP) is one such program in which a lot of vulnerable but viable households in my constituency are benefitting. This is an important government program that must be commended as it serves all Zambians,” he said.

Mr Moyo said the government was committed to uniting the country as witnessed by the development under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) programmes which were going on in all parts of the country.

He said a lot of projects in his constituency had taken place, such as construction of health centres closer to the people.

“In the past people in my constituency used to walk long distances to seek medical attention but now services are near the people because of this government’s commitment,” Mr Moyo said.


  1. Give them credit yourself if you want. How can you say thank you to a person who gives a lift for free then the following day he comes to your house and demands payment for that lift?
    Nobody is stopping you, you can praise them for as long as you wish.

  2. When we gays woke up at 1am to risk our lives to vote for change, we did it because we wanted change. A change in how we gays are treated. A change in the law to allow gays equal rights. We have not had that so why should we praise them ?

  3. This nincompoop is talking with his mouth full….the criminal Moses Zulu is eating with UPND and he thinks things are getting better….how do we end with such useless Pompwes as lawmakers????look like we don’t have quality Politicians in Zambia

  4. They need not to be worshiped. They are our servants. So far their performance is proving to be pathetic. The cost of living is beyond an ordinary person. Leaders are not supposed to be given credit where you are seeing under performance. They need to up their game. Otherwise, the Zambian electorate is unpredictable.Silence, sometimes, is not golden.

  5. Give them credit for the price of mealie meal at k340, fuel at k25, fertilizer at k1500 and every commodity so expensive. Let us not mention the Aviator condemning where he takes off every day.


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