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HIV prevalence among Zambian youth rises


During the commemoration of the 2023 National HIV/AIDS Testing, Counselling, and Treatment Day at the University of Zambia’s Great East Road Campus, Vice President Nalumango unveiled the stark revelation that an estimated 90,000 adolescents in Zambia, aged between 10 and 19, are living with HIV.

Amidst this somber disclosure, a glimmer of hope emerges from the data. Vice President Nalumango shared that annual HIV/AIDS infection rates in the country exhibited a statistically significant decline. In 2022, infection rates witnessed a noteworthy reduction to 33%, a noteworthy contrast to the previous year’s 43%.

Health Minister Sylvia Masebo echoed Vice President Nalumango’s concern, acknowledging the alarming prevalence of HIV/AIDS among Zambian adolescents. Masebo issued a heartfelt plea to the nation’s youth, urging them to take proactive ownership of their health by actively participating in HIV testing. Emphasizing the inseparable link between testing and securing a healthier future, Masebo’s message reverberated as a call to action.

Lusaka Province Minister Sheal Mulyata emphasized the enduring importance of integrating the fight against HIV/AIDS into the fabric of the government’s political agenda. Mulyata highlighted the critical role that sustained commitment plays in fostering comprehensive awareness, prevention, and care.

Tharcisse Barihuta, the Country Director of UNAIDS, also chimed in with a compelling call to action. Barihuta urged young people to prioritize HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, underscoring the paramount importance of early detection and access to necessary medical care.

As Zambia commemorates the National HIV/AIDS Testing, Counselling, and Treatment Day the event serves as both a somber reminder of the ongoing battle and a beacon of hope, reflecting the collective determination to empower individuals, enhance awareness, and ultimately eliminate the scourge of HIV/AIDS.


  1. The economy is biting..expect more HIV infections as things get worse because young girls are being taken advantage of…also notice how we have young gay guys now coming out in open…Ben Lombe etc…thats poverty forcing them to be gay as a way of putting food on the table


    you don’t have any stats on us gays who you don’t recognise. Interestingly the hiv rates are way higher in heterosexuals than homosexuals in zambia. What does that say ?

    • @Wagner. I am an LGTBQ+ ally and have members of my family who are doing great things professionally and are living their best lives privately as everyone(in my family) is. Your trolling is a 100% disservice to the LGTBQ+ community.

    • Awe sure, it becomes a disservice when a gay man speaks up about the ills of society against him yet it is fairly ok to cry about alleged racism. I am the gay one not you. You cannot understand because you don’t go through what we go through. You are an ally but that means you can merely sympathise and not empathise.

  3. “Vice President Nalumango unveiled the stark revelation that an estimated 90,000 adolescents in Zambia, aged between 10 and 19, are living with HIV.” Whatever…

    Here’s the thing. Since 1995, it has been known that quinine (synthetic versions: HCQ, CQ) is effective in HIV infection.

    (SCIENCE DIRECT – 1995) Hydroxychloroquine treatment of patients with human immunodeficiency virus type 1

    “The amount of recoverable HIV-1 RNA in plasma declined significantly in the HCQ group over the 8-week period (P = 0.022), while it increased in the placebo group.”

  4. Joe Can you explain a bit more about this discovery. I still believe we are using medicines that are outdated in the treatment and prevention of HIV. There must be intravenous given every six months but ???

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