Monday, June 17, 2024

Activists Demand BlackRock to Cancel Zambia’s Debt


In a powerful display of solidarity and advocacy, activists from The People’s Forum, Answer Coalition, and numerous other organizations converged outside the headquarters of investment giant BlackRock in New York City yesterday. Their resounding demand: the immediate cancellation of the $220 million debt owed by Zambia to the multi-trillion dollar corporation.

BlackRock, with a staggering $8.6 trillion in assets under management, stands as the single largest holder of Zambia’s private debt. The activists contend that this financial powerhouse’s refusal to restructure, delay, or reduce interest rates on the debt is perpetuating a financial stranglehold on the African nation.

Amidst a sea of protest banners and impassioned chants, the activists made a poignant call for justice. The debt cancellation they seek isn’t merely a fiscal gesture; it holds the potential to redirect substantial resources towards vital social services and crucial infrastructure development that could uplift Zambia’s communities.

The current situation, as painted by the protestors, presents a stark contrast: while Zambia’s economy grapples with the weight of debt, BlackRock continues to profit from this very financial burden. The demonstrators assert that the redirection of funds from debt repayment to local development could be a game-changer for Zambia, fostering economic growth and enhancing the quality of life for its citizens.

The gathering drew attention to the larger narrative of capitalist financial institutions and their impact on African economies. Activists emphasized that these institutions often lack solutions to the pressing economic challenges faced by African nations, underscoring the urgency for systemic change.

The rallying cry, “Cancel Zambia’s debt now!” reverberated throughout the protest, encapsulating the urgency and determination of those who stand united against what they see as an unjust and exploitative financial arrangement.

As the sun set on the protest, the message echoed loud and clear: the fight for debt cancellation isn’t just about numbers; it’s about reclaiming agency, fostering equity, and ensuring a brighter future for the people of Zambia.


  1. Yes, the placards are clear. But what did BlackRock officials say? What reasons are they citing for refusing to restructure or cancel Zambia’s debt? In the USA, everyone is free to protest as long as they are peaceful. In front of the White House, there are protesters who have camped there permanently.

  2. Very naive ignorant activists. They should be demanding for zambia to respect human rights of gays. Let them go and protest outside the zambia embassy for gay rights to be respected. Why should money you borrowed be forgiven when you cannot even show decency to respect human rights of gay people

  3. You will still have some Zambian’s who will protest against the protesters because they think an American Muzungu will konda them. I’m sure the Chinese bashers will say a word or two on here.

  4. This is area is controlled and monitored by the Americans. Why are we being moderated when it comes to US are being exposed?

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