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Absa pumps K5 million in marathon


Absa Bank has announced the investment of five million kwacha in this years’ marathon, which is set to take place at the Lusaka Showground on 26th August, 2023.

Absa Bank Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mizinga Melu says the marathon is a part of the Bank’s continued commitment to elevate athletics and fitness in Zambia.

Speaking at the media briefing in Lusaka, she noted that the growth and success of the marathon for the past five years is as a result of collective efforts from the cooperating partners such as Lusaka, Fitness Squad, Trade kings among others.

Ms Melu explained that the marathon will attract over four thousand runners in various categories adding that the top prize for the marathon is forty-five thousand kwacha in the forty-two kilometer category.

She stated that the amount will be awarded to both male and female winners underscoring the need to promote gender equality in the sporting world.

‘’We are also introducing a bonus of 15 thousand kwacha for any winner who emerges with a breakthrough. This year’s marathon will have approximately 800 runners who will participate virtually and about 3,200 runners will take part in the physical event,’’ Ms Melu said.

And Zambia Athletics (ZA) President Elias Mpondela in a speech read on his behalf by Committee Member Godwin Chenda appealed to the sponsors of the marathon to consider upgrading the marathon by introducing bronze, silver and gold medals, so that it can attract international runners.

He however, urged the cooperating partners to support the athletes by providing them with employment opportunities because most of them come for underprivileged families.

‘’We are pleased to confirm that Absa Marathon has met international marathon standards. The Absa marathon is the only marathon in Zambia that has met the standard and can now be recommended for grading by the World Athletic Association,’’ observed Mr Mpondela.


  1. Many banks in the world are champions of lgbtqa and encourage lgbt people to apply for jobs at their banks. Absa in zambia seems backward with no backbone to defend gay rights

    • Leviticus…26 Verse 37-.
      “They will stumble over one another like those running from a sword though no one is pursuing them”

  2. Someone educate me on how you can participate in marathon virtually? This is very difficult to understand and my brain cells are dying as a result of trying to understand.

    • This took off at the height of the covid pandemics when it wasn’t possible for in-person attendance of mass events. Since then, major events including The London marathon run hybrid races where some attend in-person while others do it wherever they may be. The best of these have an app simulating the real race course and virtual runners start at the same time as those in physical attendance.

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