Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Gary Nkombo Cautions Against Misuse of Government Name for Extortion


Local Government Minister Gary Nkombo expressed deep concern over the misconduct of certain individuals who are exploiting the government’s name to extort money from traders and bus drivers. He stressed that the government’s directive prohibiting political cadres in bus stations and markets has been clearly communicated, and strict compliance is expected.

The Minister went further to issue a stern warning that individuals found guilty of such behavior would face legal prosecution. His remarks came during an engagement with bus drivers at the Kulima Tower bus station in Lusaka, where they gathered to commemorate two years of cadres’ absence from bus stations.

The directive to keep political cadres away from bus stations and markets is a significant step aimed at promoting orderliness and ensuring that trading and transportation activities are conducted without undue interference. Mr. Nkombo reiterated that this directive should not be used as an opportunity for extortion or any illegal activities.

The presence of political cadres in these areas had previously been a source of concern, leading to disruptions and conflicts that adversely affected traders, commuters, and the general public. The government’s commitment to maintaining a safe and conducive environment for trade and transport is underpinned by these measures.


  1. Boyi it’s the job market that’s causing such things. Station police officers at these points to check on these miscreants… that’s if the police won’t be trapped by the whiff of money.

  2. Let us call a spade what it is. These are pf desperate thugs doing this. Long gone are the days of brown envelopes.

  3. Lets stop the blame game
    Most but certainly not all are corrupt in this country
    especially the police show me one motorist who hasnt paid lunch money
    same with most magistrates NPA wanting assistance
    Zambia is only half a step behind Nigeria

  4. Beating about the bush,,,the rot start from the head…so the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema is using the Zambian govt to cut personal deals expect his Ministers and cadres to do the same

    • You are obsessed. Jfks killer was just like you before he assassinated jfk. They need to watch you carefully. You seem very unstable and mentally challenged

  5. @Tarrino Orange
    Even die hard praise singers Lumbani Madoda Spaka and Tikki have sensed danger and you the only one opening your mouth praising HH

    • Because I know the truth. Some of you are obsessed with constant crying and criticism even when things are going as they should. You have become used to poor governance such that when things are going well, you don’t know what to do with yourselves.


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