Education PS gives one month ultimatum to schools to revamp Production Units

Kacheta Primary School pupils queuing washing their hands

Education Permanent Secretary Joel Kamoko has given school authorities in Lusaka Province a one- month ultimatum to revamp the school Production Unit (PU).

Mr. Kamoko said from the time the PU was relaunched by Education Minister Douglas Syakalima in Lundazi , Eastern Province, not much has been done in Lusaka Province to actualize its implementation in schools.
Mr. Kamoko who was speaking at Orchard Farm during a farewell party for the retired Lusaka Province Education Officer (PEO) Allan Lingambe, said all District Education Board Secretaries (DEBS) officers should take the ultimatum seriously and ensure PU in schools are fully revamped.

Mr. Kamoko said his office wants to see functional fish ponds stocked with fish in all the Secondary schools.
“I want to see change in Lusaka Province in terms of seeing PU fully revamped in all the schools,” said Mr. Kamoko.

And Mr. Kamoko called on school administrators and teachers to continue working hard. Mr. Kamoko said he wants to see professional teachers who are committed to duty. He also called on school managers to share the vision of hard work and ensure they implement Government programmes and activities diligently.
Mr. Kamoko said civil servants should ensure that they carry out their duties with diligence as demanded by the code of conduct in the public service.

The education permanent secretary also appealed to the teachers not to involve themselves in active politics.
Meanwhile, Mr. Kamoko described retired Lusaka PEO, Lingambe, as a dedicated civil servant who carried out his duties diligently.

Mr. Kamoko appealed to the serving teachers to emulate the former PEO and contribute to the promotion of delivery of quality education in schools.

Speaking at the same event, Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Robert Kamalata said the province has continued to perform well because of having dedicated and hardworking heads of departments.
Mr. Kamalata said the new PEO Felix Ngoma who has been transferred from Muchinga province in the same capacity, joins a hardworking team of Lusaka Province that is dedicated to duty.

Mr. Kamalata said Mr. Ngoma joins the Lusaka Province team which has committed itself to work for the people in improving their livelihoods.

“We want to welcome Mr. Ngoma to Lusaka Province where he has joined a great team of officers who are committed to improve the lives of the people in the area,” said Mr. Kamalata.


  1. Blah Blah Blah
    Fishing Farming involves a lot more than you realise so to me its a none starter
    also it needs 24 hours security

  2. …………

    This PS is not very clever……..

    Fish farming at secondaryschool ???

    Who will have that time ? As Tikki said above fish farming is a serious undertaking.

    Bwana , you are just opening avenues for stealing……..

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