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President Hakainde Hichilema Launches 10 Days of Community Service to Mark UPND’s 2-Year Anniversary


President Hakainde Hichilema celebrated the United Party for National Development’s (UPND) two years in government by launching a special initiative of community service that will span ten days. The President expressed his gratitude to the people of Zambia for their support and assured them of his government’s commitment to revitalizing the country’s economy.

Speaking at a gathering held at Mongu Stadium to mark the occasion, President Hichilema conveyed his heartfelt thanks to the people of Mongu for their warm reception. He stated, “Thank you, people of Mongu, for receiving us well today. As we get into two years of being in public office, we have decided to launch a week of UPND activism, and we remain optimistic that we shall continue creating opportunities for all.”

The President also extended his appreciation to the entire nation, saying, “Once more, thank you to the people of Zambia for giving us this opportunity to serve you. We are working round the clock to turn around our country’s economy. Let’s all get involved and get it solved. God bless you all.”

As part of this celebratory initiative, President Hichilema announced that the UPND would dedicate ten days to community service as a token of their appreciation for being entrusted with leadership. During this period, party members across the country will actively engage in cleaning and providing assistance to the vulnerable members of society.

President Hichilema emphasized the importance of giving back to the people who had shown immense support before, during, and after the 2021 elections. This initiative reflects the government’s commitment to inclusivity and its dedication to uplifting the well-being of all Zambians.

UPND Secretary General Batuke Imenda expressed satisfaction with the party’s accomplishments over the past two years. He highlighted the commitment of the UPND to addressing the needs of the people and working towards a better Zambia.

Western Province Minister Kapelwa Mbangweta commended the government for its efforts in bringing development to all corners of the country. This sentiment resonates with the government’s vision of creating equal opportunities and development for all Zambians.

Before the public celebration, President Hichilema held a closed-door meeting with the Litunga at the Limulunga Palace, a significant moment in recognizing the cultural heritage and traditions of the region.

Part of the crowd that welcomed President Hakainde Hichilema in Mongu


  1. I have marked mine here in London. I will be doing some charity work for the Zambian government and all funds will be donated to a charity in zambia.

    • @Tarino, Sending money you are raising will land your cousin I’m jail. Just order a truck full of Tarino Orange and distribute to pedestrian in Lusaka.

  2. A worthy govt for sure. During HH’s 2yr short reign the severe debt stress that Lungu left has reduced and economic growth improved.

  3. You’ve already fallen into the trap of being misled and that’s by choice. You’ve elected to deceive yourself and have allowed others to deceive you. The meritocracy that you promised us doesn’t exist. As a result our honest comments on platforms such as this get moderated and sometimes deleted. We have been through this before so you can’t deceive us. Soon you’ll be in the trash bin and very few will sympathize with you. There’s nothing to celebrate about your 2yrs in office. Now I understand why the story of hypertension in Senanga has been withdrawn and reposted twice. You’re in the area and you don’t want to see the truth

    • @Ayatollah, you sound very pessimistic. I also don’t think they have done an excellent job but for sure you can’t honestly say we are worse off than before unless you are inherently bitter.

  4. This is how Kagame went about cleaning the country..lets go back to humanism week were everyone got involved in cleaning , markets, prisons, schools …it reduces disease never mind dirt

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