Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Minister Advocates Blending Sport, Culture, and Tourism to Showcase Unique Heritage


Minister of Tourism, Rodney Sikumba, has underscored the importance of combining sport, culture, and tourism to not only strengthen Zambia’s cultural heritage but also to exhibit the nation’s identity to the global community. Minister Sikumba made these remarks while officiating at the 2023 Zambia Sports Expo and Forum Cultural Night and Gala Dinner.

During the event, Minister Sikumba acknowledged the significant role played by various diaspora associations in promoting Zambia as a prime tourist destination within their respective countries of residence. He urged members of the diaspora to consider investing in the country’s burgeoning tourism sector, emphasizing that the present moment presents a unique opportunity for such investments.

Furthermore, he encouraged collaboration between the government and the diaspora in harnessing Zambia’s tourism potential. By leveraging sport, culture, and tourism, Minister Sikumba believes that Zambia can showcase its unique cultural heritage, ultimately benefiting the nation’s economy and global image.

Tourism Minister Rodney Sikumba speaking at the 2023 Zambia Sports Expo and Forum Cultural Night and Gala Dinner

Ferdinand Simaanya, President of the Zambia Diaspora Organization, expressed his optimism about the event’s potential to mark the start of a new era of cooperation between the organization and the Zambian government. Simaanya emphasized the importance of unity among the sports community, financial stakeholders, and all concerned parties who share the common goals of revenue generation and skills transfer.


  1. A good blend, sport, culture and tourism. Also ZESCO, please note that PHI is at risk, about 2 of your ZESCO poles in PHI in Lusaka are producing a lot of sparks and loud noises each time the wind blows, almost the whole night. Residents reported this to ZESCO yesterday Sunday but today is Monday and still emiting big sparks at a pole. I hope we are safe

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