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Chirundu launches Polio Vaccination drive


Chirundu District Health Director Herbert Luhanga has implored parents and guardians to have their under eight children be vaccinated against polio.

Dr. Luhanga pointed out that Zambia has recorded two cases of vaccine derived polio virus type 2 firstly in Mpulungu and now in Lusaka.

 Dr. Luhanga said the new outbreak for the country requires a response with a Novel Oral Polio Type 2 Vaccine (n- OPV2) as per guidance from the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.

The Chirundu District Health Direct Herbert Luhanga was speaking at the launch of the Polio Round 3 Vaccination Campaign under the theme: “End Polio Now; Reach Every Child”.

He said seven (7) provinces in the country will conduct two additional n-OPV2 Campaign Rounds 3 and 4 this year of which Southern Province and Chirundu district is a part of.

Dr. Luhanga explained the 3rd Round will focus on three (3) main activities of door to door vaccination of children under the age of eight.

He further explained that the rest are enhanced surveillance of acute flaccid paralysis cases among children below the age of 15 years, and leveraging on the supplementary micro-planning to enhance routine immunizations.

Dr. Luhanga implored all parents and guardians to ensure that their under-8 children get vaccinated during the campaign.

He pointed out that the district through the Ministry of Health is targeting to reach 19, 873 households in the district and more than 18, 000 under-eight children with the polio vaccination.

And launching the campaign, Chirundu District Commissioner Patrick Kasambila appealed to opinion leaders in the district to help the government to reach out to all eligible children.

Mr. Kasambila observed that the detection of the two cases of vaccine derived polio virus type 2 firstly in Mpulungu and now in Lusaka shows that the threat of the disease is imminent.

The Chirundu District Commissioner also appealed to the Chirundu Pastors Fellowship to prevail on other faith leaders that oppose the use of conventional medicine to come on board and have their members vaccinated against the disease.

Mr. Kasambila reiterated that it is the wish of the government to ensure a disease free Zambia that will in turn ensure a healthy and productive citizenry.


  1. At this time, it is safe to say: say no to drugs.

    No injections, no vaccinations. Stay away from all of them. They’re all made by the same people. OPV in the 1950s was contaminated with SV40, a carcinogenic virus. Google: cdc Historical Vaccine Safety Concerns

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