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Tragic Road Accident Claims 32 Lives in Luano District


Central Province – A Scania Truck Accident Leaves Dozens Dead and Many Injured

A road traffic accident has claimed the lives of 32 individuals in the Mboroma Area of Luano District, located in Central Province. Additionally, 19 people sustained injuries in the accident and have been admitted to Mkushi District Hospital for medical care.

The tragedy unfolded when a Scania truck, operated by 32-year-old Emmanuel Chunga from Itala compound in Mkushi, lost control and overturned on the Masansa-Mboroma road in Luano District. Preliminary investigations indicate that excessive speeding was a contributing factor to the accident.

The ill-fated truck was carrying an undisclosed number of passengers, including business men and women who were en route to participate in what is locally known as the “umunanda” mobile market. Tragically, the accident resulted in numerous fatalities, with some individuals losing their lives at the scene, while others succumbed to their injuries during transportation to healthcare facilities.

Charity Munganga, Deputy Police Commissioner for Central Province, provided details of the incident. Due to the significant number of casualties, the bodies of the deceased were transported to various hospitals within the province, as the mortuary in Luano District has limited capacity.

The accident serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of road safety and adherence to speed limits to prevent such devastating incidents on Zambia’s roads.


    • Most of time Zambian passagers force drivers to drive at high speed, and they only sing in speeding vehicles.
      And when a driver is driving with 1 hand, they praise him ati mukali uyu driver!!

  1. It’s annoying that we’ve continued to lose lives prematurely due to road carnage and we don’t seem to have a solution in sight to reduce these unnecessary fatalities. Even the speed traps that are mounted by the Police aren’t meant to enforce the Law but to extort money from motorists. Zambia has many qualified transport & logistics experts but unfortunately these qualifications are just for getting a good job and fat salary. Even the Minister doesn’t have a clue of what to do. What kind of nation are we?

    • you have hit the nail on the head
      Road blocks and traps have nothing to do with road safety but lunch money
      most speed traps are in the 40 to 60km zones easy money for them, road blocks should only check passengers capacity and long haulage trucks should be banned from carrying passengers

  2. 2023 and almost 60 years after independence and people using trucks as mode of public transportation…i thought this was a thing of the 80s….what is Government doing in terms of public transportation??? Or are they going to continue with the usual Propaganda of lying and deceit….fooling gullible followers as if things are ok and yet people are dying in large numbers due to luck of safe public transportation….the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema is a failed project

    • We like buying outdated vehicles that are no longer roadworthy from Japan where they have been discarded. I doubt any of these vehicles are inspected by the Zambia Bureau of Standards. The consequences will be more and more accidents

  3. This road was recently done by the Chinese. its good and smooth. too bad so many lives lost in the rural setting. Hope they will be buried at one burial site.

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