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Zimbabwe’s Opposition Forgoes Legal Challenge as President Mnangagwa Prepares for Swearing-In Ceremony


Zimbabwe’s main opposition party, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), has officially announced that it will not pursue legal action to challenge the results of last month’s presidential election. Incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa emerged as the winner of the election, securing nearly 53% of the vote, according to official results. However, international observers have raised concerns about the election’s adherence to democratic standards.

The decision not to challenge the election outcome in court leaves President Mnangagwa on the path to his imminent swearing-in ceremony.

Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the CCC, had previously called for a fresh election due to alleged irregularities and concerns over the legitimacy of the results. However, with President Mnangagwa’s inauguration looming, the prospects of such a request materializing have become increasingly difficult.

As Zimbabwe prepares for this significant political event, the country has witnessed the arrival of several heads of state from the southern African region. Additionally, representatives from China and Belarus have also touched down in Harare ahead of the inauguration.


  1. It’s a good decision. Chamisa will do well to divorce himself from Obasanjo and the Brenthurst Foundation. There’s a growing resentment against imperialist sponsored political actors in Africa, especially this region. It’s therefore imprudent for any political party to align itself to these capitalists

    • “….Chamisa will do well to divorce himself from Obasanjo and the Brenthurst Foundation….”

      Should he marry the communist chines instead ???

  2. Indeed a good decision. I believe Zimbabwe will one day return to its glorious days. Only blind people think the woes Zimbabwe is going through is due to dictatorship….a country can thrive even under a dictator. Zimbabwe has been squeezed since the appropriation of farms belonging to white Rhodesians.

  3. @ Ayatollah
    This is not news Lusaka Times is always behind ..this was supposed to be news 3 days ago thats when Chamisa decided not to challenge the election….Nevers Mumba is a big problem and am glad Zambians will never allow him anywhere near the State House…Nevers Mumba wanted to start civil war in Zimbabwe…that man is evil and no wonder Mwanawasa fired him because he was trying to sneak behind Mwanawasa’s back and make corrupt deals with other leaders…and if HH wants to fail let him continue working with criminal Nevers Mumba the man who stole Embassy Furniture in Canada and he stole money meant for renovating the Zambian embassy in Canada

    • It is not nevers mumba , but SADC that saw a sham election……….

      Why are Africans open to always bending rules and breaking layed down processes ???

      That’s why Africa will always be the poorest continent……….

    • This report says “arrival of several heads of state from the southern African region” Which several? Propaganda or journalism?

    • @Zama
      SADC has 16 members. Only Heads of state from DRC Mozambique and South Africa turned up. And some journalists tell the world lies that several heads of state turned up. Just as the journalism profession is gone to the dogs, Zimbabwe is doomed.

  4. @Ayatollah
    Yes Africans are now saying if it means starving to death…lets just die instead of enslaving ourselves….The West still wants to financially enslave Africans and they use morooons like HH and Criminal Nevers Mumba to advance their agenda…..am glad Zimbabweans gave Edgar Lungu who is anti west a standing ovation at the inauguration ceremony

  5. The only solutions for dinosaur illegal office holders like mnangagwa is to kill him. Just shoot that thug in the head. After all it has killed many people since the 70s

    • You are happy to accept the suffering and killing of innocent Zimbabweans under this thugs reign since the 80s, yet you are willing to see justice for his killing. You are sick

  6. From the Indian ocean islands to the African continent all presidents converge at Harare for the inauguration of Mnangagwa except Zambia to be represented by a junior official…at least a vice president could have done… but?

    • ……….

      Munangawa openly and unashamedly sided with the corrupt dictatorial worst zambian presided lungu………

      Munangagwa completely shunned all opposition in zambia going against all protocol and civilised politics and……….

      Munangagwa provides refuge for some PF criminals……..

    • #Spaka. If you have nothing concrete to say just don’t say anything. You waffle about like a child caught stealing ndiyo from a hot pot.

  7. #Tarino Orange. Ikaleni fye imwe mulicipumbu icishikala pansaka. Chamisa has conceded why are you forcing matters. Kabwa!

    • After that loser issued threats. How can you be proud of such? It shows us why this clown dejaf00l supports pf. Only criminals and those who don’t respect rules can be happy with an old f00l like mmanagwa who threatens and kills opposition. Do you even know that women were being raped during the elections. You are just an ignorant small boy. Eventually the youth will do to him exactly what they did to mugabe.

  8. ……….


    End of the day , it is how well the country is doing, whether run by a dictator or democratic government……

    If you are a dictator and your country and citizens are flourishing, like Rwanda……..

    Not many people will interfere……….

    If you are a dictator who oversees sham elections while your people are fleeing in their thousands to become beggers and some being lynched in other countries………like Zimbabwe

    Then there is a problem

    It all comes down to how much your country is flourishing

    • The problem in Zimbabwe is not the president , but the western world who didn’t want to share land with Africans black Africans . and so when these Zimbabweans who lost their lives in the liberation movements , the freedom fighters were fighting to get back their land from colonisers who had taken it from the indigenous Zimbabweans .
      The sanctions in Zimbabwe is the cause of all the problems in Zimbabwe sanctions from the western world crippled Zimbabwe for more than 25 years .

    • nshilimubemba

      I think mugabe just ran out of ideas of how to develop an already developed country, and used the land issue to appease his people………..

  9. Our fathers were wiser than some of these boy presidents who have made us lose our dignity by aligning themselves to the former colonial masters , I don’t know what calibre of these politicians who don’t love their own nations but want to sell out all that our founding fathers lost their lives for , these characters are a big disappointment to the whole African continent .
    Our founding fathers opted to remain non aligned free to have friends from any corner of the globe , to our surprise it is our own president who is in the forefront destroying the strong foundations that was built by the great men of Africa

  10. The economic problems we have in Zambia were created by the previtalization of 1991 all the industry KK created unfortunately our president was an active member of under prising industry that employed most of the Zambians this president benefited more from the plunder and became rich .
    You agree with me that this president doesn’t have the capacity to create wealth all what he has is the looted wealth he got free of charge, he is failing even to reduce the price of mealie meal because he is not intelligent enough to work out a plan to improve the economy.

  11. Any Zimbabwean supporting Mnangagwa is crazy. Right now South Africa is full of illegal Zimbabweans because they are fleeing from ZANU-PF incompetence and autocracy. Just today Zimbabwean illegals were found living inside a jojo tank in Johannesburg. Just imagine people fleeing their country to come and live in a tank! They must be fleeing from hell! What is there to praise Mnangagwa about? Do Africans love suffering?

  12. @Spaka
    We not going back to slavery and if Chamisa wants to rule Zimbabwe he should do away with the west…thats the new formula in African Politics….Mali…Niger…Bukina faso and now Gabon have kicked out imperialist…am sure Edgar Lungu will be given a heroes welcome

    • Time will tell ? you all dwell on slavery which you know very little about
      the fact is whites sold whites indians sold Indians its a know fact every race sold its own to salavery
      All have recovered and moved on to better lives
      Except us africans who harp on about something that happened 100″s of years ago
      Why ?? because our inepititude to have fore sight and work together for the better of the continent
      we will always remain some sort of SLAVES amongst ourselves

  13. When did Lungu become anti-West? I even remember him chasing an Eastern diplomat for supporting Mmembe. His wife was always receiving gifts from the US

  14. @ Spaka
    You know the song ” shame on you if you fool me once…shame on me if you fool me twice”….Zambia has been fooled twice by Vedanta…..THE CROOKED AGRWAL or whatever his name is will mock Zambians again…..

  15. @Minora
    Anti West doesn’t mean anti USA…thats where you’re getting it wrong…..Lungu wasn’t a puppet…Lungu refused to be a chola boy for Bazungu….just like Mugabe….he was anti West and he refused to be their puppet or chola boy……HH is a puppet and chola boy of the west because he is giving them free natural resources…..do you know that Mugabe was a British knight at some point but it was revoked after he refused to be their puppet….i hope you understand that being anti west doesn’t mean you can’t come to USA and do shopping…Tasila Lungu used to live in Philadelphia

    • You are really determined to defend thief Lungu! We all know what is the West- we went to school. Mugabe who befriended China may be said to be anti-West not Lungu. Lungu was always grovelling around Western interests like when he praised the US for providing over US$ 3 billion towards development assistance to Zambia, and when he similarly crouched before the UK to get it to change its decision to resume funding to Zambia’s health sector. Chishimba Kambwili told Zambia that Lungu’s presidential jet was used to smuggle money and drugs from a state visit to Israel in 2017.

    • And you are spinning issues Mugabe was given an honorary knighthood and he received it for the Lancaster House Agreement. In 2008, his honorary knighthood was revoked by the British government.

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