Friday, February 23, 2024

President Hakainde Hichilema Pays Tribute to Deng Xiaoping, Acknowledges China’s Economic Transformation


President Hakainde Hichilema and First Lady Madam Mutinta Hichilema have paid a heartfelt tribute to the former Chinese President, His Excellency Deng Xiaoping. The tribute was paid during a solemn ceremony in front of a towering six-meter high statue that immortalizes the visionary leader.

Deng Xiaoping is widely recognized for his pivotal role in orchestrating China’s remarkable economic transformation during the 1970s. His leadership ushered in the era of China’s open-door policy, which invited foreign businesses to establish a presence in China. These reforms marked a significant departure from the country’s planned economy and Maoist ideologies, opening its doors to foreign investments, advanced technology, and participation in global markets.

As a result of Deng Xiaoping’s visionary leadership, over 800 million people were lifted out of poverty, propelling China into becoming one of the world’s largest and most influential economies. This ceremony serves as a poignant reminder of President Deng Xiaoping’s enduring legacy in shaping China’s history and its profound impact on the global stage.

President Hichilema’s homage to Deng Xiaoping underscores the recognition of China’s remarkable economic journey and its substantial influence in the world today.


    • First time your Mutinta to dress descent since she was born, hope she keep contact with that Chinese store. Singapore also have good dresses.

  1. This is a high powered delegation: Mutati, Nkombo , Chipoka, Tayali, Madam Hichilema, Jito, and a whole list of advisers and security detail. I remember the President at one stage said never again shall trips constitute a multitude of people in order to save costs. And indeed I remember at one stage in the beginining it was only him and two other people( Cannot exactly remember who). What has changed Mister President? Another story of not living by your promises?

  2. ………

    Good things come to those with patience………

    Others were rushing to que like house boys to shake XI hand………..

    Only maduro, leader of the country with the largest oil reserves , ………

    and HH have been invited this time round…….on state visits that are seen as a poke in the eyes of the west while they gather in india.

  3. It’s good that he visited China and see what China us. I know it won’t oga well with the west..but we need to see that China has been friend. When the west turned their backs China even when they were in poverty came to aid Zambia…also should go to Malaysia and Chile and see how they are getting more from mineral resources

  4. Deng Xiaoping was never called Chinese president, he was the Paramount Supreme Leader to whom the President and Premier of China reported. He is the iconic figure who ushered in unprecedented economic development that transitioned China from Developing country to a global economic super power in one generation. I salute the legendary Lao Sichuanren.

  5. Deng Xiaoping led to China’s Economic Transformation. MCS /Lungu and their clueless PF led Zambia to the opposite Рimpoverishment & massive debts.

  6. The Socialist Party leader Dr. M’membe should take note of how Deng Xiao Ping laid the foundation for the transformation of China – his open door policy collaborated with Western (imperialist) companies to achieve the miracle for the China he so much admires!

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