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ZNBC Board Elects Bishop Joseph Kazhila as New Chairperson


In a significant development, the Board of the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) has elected Bishop Joseph Shapela Kazhila as its new Chairperson. The decision was reached during a meeting held yesterday, as confirmed by Information and Media Minister Chushi Kasanda.

Minister Kasanda expressed her congratulations to Bishop Kazhila on his election and announced the news during a press statement in Lusaka. She reiterated the government’s expectations for the newly appointed Board to provide effective policy oversight for ZNBC as it executes its mandate under Bishop Kazhila’s leadership.

The appointment of Bishop Joseph Kazhila marks a notable change in leadership following the removal of the former ZNBC Board Chair, Mr. Jack Kalala, on August 4, 2023. Minister Kasanda clarified that her decision to relieve Mr. Kalala of his duties was in accordance with the powers vested in her by Article 270 of the Constitution of Zambia, as amended by the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Act No. 2 of 2016.

The election of Bishop Kazhila aligns with the provisions outlined in Article 4 (4) of the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (Amendment) Act Number 20 of 2002. The government believes that under Bishop Kazhila’s leadership, the Board will ensure effective policy guidance and oversight over ZNBC, a crucial institution responsible for broadcasting and disseminating information to the public.

Minister Kasanda concluded the press statement by reaffirming the government’s unwavering commitment to fostering a vibrant media industry. This commitment, she noted, was driven by the government’s desire to ensure that the Zambian populace remains well-informed through unbiased and reliable news sources.


    • I am a UPND supporter, but this is a and Retrogressive Appointment. How do you appoint a Bishop for a TV Station? What Innovation will he bring? These are signs of retrograde management with the Minister having no clue about what she is doing. It’s pathetic. We have much better educated Zambians to chai some of these strategic Boards. Useless.

  1. Yaba. This government is looking more and more like the PF. Remember the appointment of Bishop Eddie Chomba as PS for the ministry of Sanitation and Water development?
    Religious cadres continue to be awarded. This appointment requires one to have exceptional experience in matters of media. Jack Kalala was suitably qualified having worked in media all his life and also having worked as presidential spokesperson.
    What professional experience does this Bishop have? The inept minister of information has failed to give us a background.

  2. Misplaced appointment. There are people who are versed with media issues better than this shameless cadre. UPND is throwing the values of professionalism in a pit of tribalism and patronage. This vocal cadre would have been restricted to the pulpit where he has been extorting money from poor retired miners.It is a big shame that professionals who can run institutions with vibrancy are thrown in a box of oblivion. What values is this pastor going to bring to ZNBC?This is pure extermination of rules of corporate governance.

  3. The appointment of Bishop Joseph Kazhila marks a notable change in leadership following the removal of the former ZNBC Board Chair, Mr. Jack Kalala, on August 4, 2023.

  4. Let us see the results of his work before complaining that he is wrong person for the job. Let us remember that he was appointed by the board and not by the Minister.

  5. Under Jack Kalala, ZNBC was doing very well as a mouthpiece of the ruling Party.
    One wonders what the new boss will do differently?

  6. Is Zambia aware of the role of freedom of speech in a democracy? Are we aware of the role of media within freedom of speech? Do our politicians give freedom of speech the respect a democratic constitution would give it? Why do we still have a State Broadcaster in a democracy? State Broadcasters should be left to Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Gabon, Egypt, where one party rule prevails. Zambia by law should have a Public broadcaster.

    • Freedom of speech is a preserve of the ruling party and its members.
      Even the police are not left out…if a Upnd official reports me for the so-called hate speech I will be picked up like nobody’s business.
      But if I report a hate speech by a Upnd official the police will only record and advise that they will follow up the matter.

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