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Socialist Party President Fred M’membe Denies Allegations of Supporting LGBTQI and Gay Practices


Fred M’membe, the President of the Socialist Party, has vehemently denied allegations that he and his party support LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex) and gay practices. Dr. M’membe addressed these allegations in a statement, refuting any affiliation with or endorsement of LGBTQI and gay issues.

Critics of Dr. M’membe and the Socialist Party had accused them of being proponents of LGBTQI rights and gay practices. However, in his statement, Dr. M’membe firmly rejected these claims, emphasizing that neither he nor his party has ever supported or promoted LGBTQI or gay practices.

Dr. M’membe questioned the motives behind these allegations, pointing out that some individuals had resorted to spreading false narratives through various channels, including online platforms and a human rights commissioner. He expressed dismay at the use of hate speech and malice to tarnish his reputation and that of his party.

In his statement, he questioned the desperation of those who, in his view, are failing in their political endeavors or governance responsibilities. He singled out certain online platforms such as Koswe and Zambian Watchdog as channels used to propagate these allegations. Dr. M’membe urged those making these claims to focus on addressing pressing issues facing the nation, such as the rising cost of living.

Dr. M’membe concluded by reaffirming his and his party’s stance on LGBTQI and gay issues, stating that it aligns with the beliefs of the majority of the Zambian population, religious teachings, cultural practices, and national laws.

He urged those who are facing political challenges to acknowledge their failures and those in leadership positions to address the country’s pressing issues rather than resorting to tactics that he characterized as malicious and mischievous.


  1. When the Rainbow Party was founded, it was said the main sponsor was Fred Mmembe and that Wynter Kabimba was just being used to warm the seat. Later, Wynter himself claimed to have cut ties with Fred because of the latter’s promotion and alignment to LGBTQ. To date Wynter still stands by those allegations. The only way to counter those allegations is for Fred to take Wynter to court. This story would stick for a long time

    • LOL. The case was taken to High Court. Mmembe didn’t show up and SG for socialism Musuma was main witness. The case of Fred Mmembe and Wright Musuma v Wynter Kabimba, Millennium Radio and daily Nation (2018). Judgement was delivered in 2021.
      They lost the case and failed to appeal to Higher Courts.

    • Wynter is a crooked politician. He was spreading HIV, knowing that he was sick and taking ARVs.
      Fred is married has a child. Are these not enough evidence that he is straight. He had girl friend at ZSIC.

      As for courts. They are waste of times. Legal costs and dragging with ultimately ka Wynter will have a story to apologise.

      Forward socialist party. Down with PF thugs. Down with UPND robbers.

  2. Whoever plays with a knife will be cut by a knife. Membe has said, written and spread a lot of lies and bad things about other, but today he has been infact just told……and he has complained as if he is clean and doesn’t do THe same

  3. The only way the Kwacha can maintain a decent rate is to accept what Mmembe is being accused of…. currently the leadership that had looked ready to please Biden can’t do it because we Zambians cannot not accept such bestiality.
    This subject is dead.

  4. Fred should know politics. Sometimes the only way to get you to openly declare your stance on an issue is to accuse you. If you don’t defend yourself people conclude. Since Fred has taken such a long time to come out he won’t be very convincing unless he makes the lambasting of guys a part of his party’s routine

    • Wh shall a fellow human being, a Christian for that matter resort to judging and demeaning fellow human beings. That is for the god.

      This is a regressive thinking.

  5. The reason rainbow party was called that (rainbow) and their symbol was the pride flag is because they supported gay rights since both the pioneers of that party that is Fred and kabimba are both gay. It’s only when they saw the backlash that they both denied.

  6. I am NOT a supporter of Fred Mmembe’s politics of socialism; however, I do not see why he should be castigated or have to defend himself IF he was a supporter of LGBTQI and Gay Practices. It should his political right to do so if he wishes.
    Freedom of choice is a basic human right.
    Most African countries and Zambia which calls itself, “a Christian country” are just too backward and ancient. Also, there is so much prejudice in Zambia and Africa and it’s all in the name of religion.
    Many religious leaders instead of the preaching peace, love, respect of each other’s views and tolerance and preaching hatred and bigotry.
    I would like to ask Zambia’s Christians leaders, what is Christian about preaching hatred?
    Also, if I am gay, what problem is it to anyone?

    • @Ben…You display a typical Western mentality. Most likely you’re not an African. You have no proper understanding of African culture. You call African countries that reject homosexuality ” backward and ancient.” And yet you purposely ignore the fact that the majority of Americans reject this decadent lifestyle, with some States pushing back against the Alphabet agenda. Africa rejects homosexuality, not just because of religion, but also because of our ancient norms, morals, and traditions. You have to respect that.

  7. Fred is just beating by the bush, he knows very well Winter Kabimba has accused him and several other. He has not responded directly to those accusing him but just naming a few online publications. The truth is that Fred does not only support LGBTQ but he is gay and he is so scared of being revealed further. For his status, he can take several people to court over defaming him and his reputation, but he knows certain people who a lot of data on him regarding this issue.

    • If those zombies you are hallucinating to have a lot of data on him, why cannot they put it 9n social media?

      If one says HH is a lesbian, bisexual, gay, eunuch, 8nquisitive, queer, will he be responding to such useless remarks? Dogs bark. It is their nature.

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