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Why Stop Edgar Lungu from travelling- Msoni asks Governement


Opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party President Nason Msoni has urged the UPND government to explain the law related to the sustained restrictions being imposed on the former President Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Msoni has charged that it is absurd, shameful and a self indictment on government, the treatment the Former Head of State is being subjected to.

He has since urged the government to apply decorum to its management style.

“We urge the UPND government to inculcate dignity and decorum in their management style of running government.It is totally uncivilised to yank-out a dignified citizen from the aircraft who is not subject to any known criminal proceedings but based on fear and insecurity of the regime,” he said.
Mr Msoni has said that no on believes that the form of ill treatment and sustained harassment that the Sixth Republican President is receiving is acceptable.

“Arguably the comparison of the travel ban and the restraining order that was imposed on the (late)fourth former President Rupiah Banda and the sixth former President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is totally different and cannot be justified on that basis.

“President Lungu is currently not subject to criminal proceedings warranting any senseless restrictions or travel ban.

To the best of our knowledge President Lungu is not appearing before any competent court in Zambia to warrant this uncouth behaviour from government.

We think that it is prudent for the UPND government to explain the law related to the sustained restrictions being imposed on the former President,” he said.
“We must never shy away or condone injustice on anyone irrespective who the victims are,” he added.

The Opposition has condemned in the strongest terms government’s behaviour and urged president Hichilema to desist from using the government to pursue personal vendettas against the former President.


  1. A story about Edgar Lungu in military mess kit during his time as commander-in-chief of the defence forces of Zambia brings back memories of his inappropriate behaviour at military annual balls. Edgar Lungu always overstayed and was often the last one from the dance floor. A proper commander-in-chief does not behave like that.

  2. ……..

    Why travel abroad for a medical with all that unprecedented development ????

    Lungu is going to marshal stolen money hidden out side zambia………..

    PF are broke and need a cash injection……

  3. The genesis of this nonsense started from the time HH told a crowd in some shanty compound that some people were planning a coup d’etat against his legally elected government. By not revealing and arresting these people, he’s also commiting a crime…. such things affect the ordinary citizens more.

  4. Because failures like hh are scared of their own shadows. Ecl is a threat to them. Let them continue making him popular. It makes my work as strategist very easy

    • Watch us come back in 2026. The only reason hh won is because he installed thugs all over copperbelt and paid them millions from gay funds to intimidate our voters.

      Don’t use names that don’t belong to you. You are not a mwale you. You are a hamwale. Fuseke

  5. This is too much now can govt come out and say the truth about ECL than daledalin and meandering like a snake.What is it all about.The nation want to know.ECL is govt property,just for beeing a president he did not choose himself but he was elected and he did not steal the votes neither shed blood for popularity no.So kindly can minister of Home affairs come out open and elaborate the equation.Is this probability or sokatowa

  6. I dont admire Lungu in anyway and I think he was a useless president who shouldnt even try to come back. However, HH is sinking too low and is competing very well with Lungu as Zambia’s two worst presidents. Why play around with someone’s freedom of movement? Is Lungu using HH’s money? HH is an autocrat. He certainly is anti-Democracy because earlier in his term he was persecuting everyone for Presidential defamation until he saw the cry against this self importance was too loud. He said some stupid things about Nakacinda and dignified the man into credibility. Lungu is right to take government to court over these Stalinist actions.

    • I’m also getting disturbed by the president’s preoccupation with one Edgar Lungu. When you fight a pig in the mad you will also be soiled.
      Who ever is “inciting” the president to abandon his responsibilities ( making sure we’re fed) and instead concentrate on Edgar is an ill intentioned individual. If they suspect Lungu of sabotage why not just arrest him instead of playing ukubuta?

  7. ECL is not an ordinary citizen when he intends to move away from his home its only just that he informs the relevant authorities of his travel just as he did when he intended to go for his medicals. He is a person of security interest and deserves some national decorum when he ventures out of the country. Of course I do not subscribe to his being yanked off an plane but even if he fears his request to fly may be denied let him do the right thing….yes there maybe no law but a norm….

  8. ……….

    Look at the PF rats crying over a medical abroad ,….

    We ask again………..

    With all that unprecedented development you keep reminding us about……….

    Why abroad for a medical ???

  9. These people are making Lungu appear like a threat to the UPND with their constant harassment. ECL is now making news because they refused him to travel.
    They prevent him from church service and are constantly talking about his comeback when all can see the man is happy to not have that responsibility of governing.
    They accuse him of being in active politics (because apparently going to church, shopping and jogging is political).

  10. Help the PF by simply letting the judiciary review the decision that allowed Lungu to stand for a 3rd term. But then again, maybe doing this right before 2026 is a better idea.

  11. ………

    According to GRZ, they are pesposible for lungus security,………

    We all saw how PF were accusing GRZ of endangering lungu by not guarding him properly when a PF cader broke into his house and stole a TV

    It is there for right for lungus affice to inform GRZ of any travel plans the former President has…….

    GRZ was not informed of lungus travel abroad ………

    • Even to the extent disrupting a church service he’s attending ? You are playing to his tune if you must know. That disrupted church service was attended by Zambian citizens…. how do they feel for not being allowed freedom of worship?

  12. The president must not be scared of the former president , however he should be scared of the Zambian people who are suffering severe poverty and dying of hunger in their houses , as they won’t allow him to go beyond 2026 .
    This president keeps on mocking those who put him in power when they cry of hunger he responds that he knows that they are suffering but doing nothing, but goes to drill bore holes in grounds contaminated with human excretion .
    This president is a big let down

    • The burning of two human beings in Mumbwa is not a simple ordinary occurrence…. there deep underlying causes. If I were HH I would spend more time analyzing this than haunting a defenseless Lungu.
      Perhaps he should read Sirac chapter 27 v 30 to chapter 28

  13. Intergrity,Transparent,Accountability these are some of the values that are not being upheld at the moment in Zed. So much was said about Over Fire tenders,Over priced Road contracts, Over price ambulances,Million found with faith Musonda,Helicopters purchased and flown to neighbourig countries, those cases are not yet in court or cleared what is govt doing up to now is the former President Innocent if he is Innocent why worse his time?

    • The authorities have nothing on ECL. Otherwise, his immunity would have been removed by now, and he would already be appearing in court.

      So, these goings on with ECL are just a case of harassment. Think about it, does anyone need a police permit to attend church service?

    • Only Edgar Lungu never harassed a former president. Him like Kaunda harassed a future president…. for misconduct of course…..and both ie Chiluba and Hakainde have become notorious.

  14. African leaders can learn to appreciate & emulate the wisdom of the current South African President. Ramaphosa experienced vicious personal attacks from 3-former Presidents in South Africa. Jacob Zuma galvanized a cruel gang (Arthur Fraser, Busisiwe Nkwebane, Ace Magashule & his ex-wife) to create the Phala Phala saga to discredit Ramaphosa. Yet, Ramaphosa forged ahead to improve better quality of life for all South Africans. He allowed Zuma to seek medical services in Cuba & Russia; he even used administrative provisions to rescue Zuma from a prison sentence after realizing his old-age status and past freedom role. HOW MANY AFRICAN LEADERS CAN MATCH RAMAPHOSA’S STATESMANSHIP TODAY?

  15. African leaders can learn to emulate the wisdom of South Africa’s President Ramaphosa who has endured vicious personal attacks from 3-former Presidents. Jacob Zuma galvanized a ruthless gang (Arthur Fraser, a Public Protector etc plus his ex-wife) to create the Phala Phala saga so as to discredit Ramaphosa. But Ramaphosa forged ahead to improve better qualities of life for all South Africans. He allowed Zuma to seek medical services in Cuba and Russia; and even used administrative provisions to rescue Zuma from a prison sentence on account of his old-age and role as a freedom fighter. HOW MANY AFRICAN LEADERS CAN MATCH RAMAPHOSA’S STATESMANSHIP TODAY?

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