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African swine fever breaks out in Chongwe’s Chaminuka area


Government says there is an outbreak of the African Swine Fever recorded in Chaminuka area of Chongwe District.

 Minister of Fisheries and Livestock, Makozo Chikote said the disease was confirmed by the Central Veterinary Research Institute on Saturday, September 16, 2023.

Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka today, Mr Chikote said the disease was discovered at a facility, where a total of 13 pigs were recorded dead between 12th to 16th September 2023 from the initial population of 596.

He said government has put in place urgent measures to control the spread of disease including ban of movements of pigs and pig products into and out of Chaminuka area, setup of bio security checkpoints on roads leading into and out of Chaminuka.

Mr Chikote added that monitoring and surveillance in Chaminuka and adjacent areas of Chibombo and Chisamba is being conducted to ascertain the presence and spread of the disease.

The Minister stated that other measures being implemented include the slaughter and burning of affected pigs saying government is targeting to slaughter and burn 583 pigs at the affected facility.

He added that government will further conduct registration of all pig farms in the area and ascertain compliance to implementing biosecurity measures at their farms.

Mr Chikote has since assured the public that the disease is being controlled and that pigs and products from the affected animals are not being sold on the market.

He has encouraged all pig farmers to heed to the Ministry’s call for them to heighten bio-security measures at their farms and ensure that they have disinfectants to help control the spread of the disease.

The African swine fever is a highly infectious and deadly viral disease which affects both domestic and wild pigs.

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