Thursday, May 30, 2024

Government Facilitates Voluntary Relocation of Zambians from Israel


The government has successfully coordinated the voluntary temporary relocation of 77 Zambians from Israel, according to Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister, Stanley Kakubo. This group of relocated individuals includes 72 students.

Minister Kakubo revealed these developments during a media briefing held in Lusaka. He also disclosed that there are currently 172 known Zambians in Israel, with 143 of them being students pursuing their studies.

Importantly, Minister Kakubo reassured the public that there have been no casualties among the Zambian community residing in Israel, emphasizing the government’s commitment to the safety and well-being of its citizens abroad.

In an effort to facilitate efficient and well-organized relocation, the Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ministry has invited relatives of Zambians residing in Israel to a meeting at the ministry’s headquarters. This consultation aims to address any concerns and provide support during the relocation process.


  1. Atleast this GRZ comes with facts……….

    There nothing more infuriating that information without facts……like numbers of mentioned people.

    Reminds me of when Jean kapata was environmental minister and went to durban for a climate change meet…………and to request funds

    When asked how many trees were planted , none of the delegates had any numbers

  2. Gaza Strip with a population of slightly above 2.2 million people is more at humanitarian risk than the over 9 million Israelis.
    Why is the Zambian government only talking about ‘172 known Zambians’ in Israel when the war is in Gaza? Gaza does not exist as a country. Gaza is a ‘failed state’, without an industry or jobs and militarily besieged by Israel since 2007. In war times, Israel disconnects food, electricity and water which in friendly times is ungrudgingly obliged to supply. The whole world MUST rally with Israel on the Gaza conflict. So there is no Gaza for Zambia to talk about, but Israel.

    • Kono wena Kainyokolile Zulu sure, that Israeli missile that killed people sheltering in a hospital should have landed on your stinking backside to teach you a lesson. If anyone has Netanyahu’s number and knows the coordinates of munyelo wa Kainyokolile, give them to me and I will pass them to Benjamin so that he can target this Malawan.

    • Njang normally I would respond to your f00lish comment but this one has made me laugh. Hahahahaha yo yahahahaha. You are a mad upnd cow you. Fuseke! Ala naseka sana Hahahahaha

    • @Kaizar Zulu, even the best Dr wouldn’t help. You’re totally confused. Nthawi zonse mumamveka ngati mwagona mkati mwa machende a nyama.

  3. Kudos to you guys, had it been that low life Mutaware Lungu wa Nyasaland, he would have done nothing but swallow fake Jameson Whisky and chew mahule akwa Chawama! Namunungu wa mutu yani akaiseleze.

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