Monday, February 26, 2024

Speaker Nelly Mutti Urges MPs to Enhance Understanding of Public Financial Management


The Speaker of the National Assembly, Nelly Mutti, has called upon Members of Parliament and staff to deepen their understanding of the Public Financial Management system in Zambia. Emphasizing the importance of this knowledge, she highlighted its crucial role in facilitating the enhanced oversight function within the National Assembly.

Addressing the gathering at the launch of the Public Financial Management Handbook in Lusaka , Speaker Mutti underscored Zambia’s commitment to financial reforms. She pointed out significant milestones, including the enactment of the Public Finance Management Act in 2018 and the National Planning and Budgeting Act of 2020. These reforms aim to strengthen the country’s financial management processes.

The handbook launch, attended by Members of Parliament and staff, marks a pivotal moment in promoting a deeper understanding of the complexities inherent in Public Financial Management. Speaker Mutti urged MPs to utilize the insights provided by the handbook to effectively carry out their oversight responsibilities.

Chairperson of the Planning and Budgeting Committee, Fred Chaatila, echoed Speaker Mutti’s sentiments, emphasizing the handbook’s value in navigating the intricacies of Public Financial Management. He expressed satisfaction that the handbook has been updated to incorporate major developments in financial management, both within Zambia and globally.

In a significant move towards fostering efficient financial oversight, Speaker Mutti unveiled the newly constructed office building for the Parliamentary Budget Office. This development signifies a commitment to providing the necessary infrastructure to support the crucial work of the office in analyzing and scrutinizing budgetary matters.


  1. When you allow yourself to be used posterity will judge you harshly. If Nellie had acted with restraint even the things that are being said about her and Chabinga wouldn’t have come to the fore. Every child would get distressed to hear such about their mother. I can imagine what they’re going through. It’s terrible

  2. She has a very unenviable position
    She needs our support as she did what she thought was right
    Parliment is the highest institution in the country so good law and order must prevail

    • Exactly. She reminded those fuuls to respect the rules of parliament. If they continue with their nonsense, lets hope she puts them in jail, because she has that power under the laws enacted by MMD/PF. This not South Africa. Zambia is a country of order, and if you behave like Malema, you should go on government sponsored vacation to Lusaka Central, Chimbokaila or Mwembeshi Prison

    • Kamyanga-Nyoko Kaizar Zulu, you should be the last person in the world to deride the appearance of anyone, given how you and your twin Chishimba Kambwili look like Jabba the Hutt

  3. Start with yourself. Understand that the operations of parliament are different from running your farm in Chongwe, Chalimbana, Lusaka West or wherever it maybe.

  4. I saw those women from NGCC something claiming that NELLIE is being treated badly in parliament because she is a woman. That is not true… There are two deputy speakers in parliament. One woman and one man. The woman deputy speaker is able and competent in her duties. The man deputy speaker is as incompetent as his boss Nellie. So this incompetence by Nellie has nothing to do with Gender. We had a female deputy speaker from MMD before . She was competent and no one said the things being said about Nellie . Nellie is incompetent and she must just vacate that dignified office.


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