High Court Rules Espionage Trial in Gold Scam Case to Be Conducted In Camera


The Lusaka High Court has issued a ruling declaring that the trial of businessman Shadrick Kasanda and four other individuals, linked to an alleged Gold Scam at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, will be conducted in camera. The decision follows an application filed by the state last week and was delivered by the High Court Judges Ruth Chibbabuka, Charles Zulu, and Situmbeko Chocho.

The ruling, based on Section 15 of the State Security Act, upholds the state’s argument that an open-court trial of Mr. Kasanda’s espionage case could be prejudicial to the country’s interests. The judges emphasized that only the accused persons, defense lawyers, prosecution lawyers, and witnesses will be permitted to attend the trial.

Furthermore, Judge Chibbabuka ruled that, aside from judges, only court reporters and marshals would be allowed in the proceedings, highlighting the sensitive nature of the case. The decision to hold the trial in camera is rooted in national security concerns and is intended to safeguard sensitive information related to the allegations.

Shadrick Kasanda and his co-accused, including Lusaka businessman Jim Belemu, Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Police Commanding Officer Robson Moonga, State Security Officer Francis Mateyo, and Commercial Pilot Patrick Kawanu, have all pleaded not guilty to the charge of espionage.

The espionage case has drawn significant attention due to its connection to an alleged Gold Scam at the airport, and the decision to conduct the trial in camera underscores the gravity and sensitivity of the charges involved.

The court ruling specifies that only essential personnel, directly involved in the legal proceedings, will be present during the trial, highlighting the exceptional circumstances surrounding the case.


  1. The names of the judges say it all. There’s always tomorrow and you will regret what you are doing today. Things change and you will wish you had the right thing.
    If courts can’t be honest what hope have got in this country?

    • So what about the names of the judges? This is actually actionable under the law that protects the integrity of courts but you would complain about shrinking democratic space if you were to be made to face justice in court. These are honourable judges who have made a decision anchored on the State Security Act. They have made their decision and you can advise the defence lawyers to appeal if you think the court has acted unreasonably.

    • #Gunner just enjoy your nonsense. You know very well those judges belong to your ilk. And you know that case cannot involve state security. We are not children.
      You will support anything as long as it’s in your favor.

    • @Deja Vu: So now you want to tribalise crime? Do you really want to go down this road? Do you remember when your “ilk”, Michael Satan, complained and asked why all the criminals in Zambian jails come from one tribe? Or perhaps, you think that governments run by the that tribe, were targetting their own tribesmen for criminal prosecution? Do you want me to give you a link to the names of Zambians in foreign jails, since foreign governments do not care about targetting Zambians on a tribal basis? Some of us do not have the “Nshiibile; Ntolele fye” culture (I hope I have spelled this language correctly). I too would like to have this trial held in public by the way, so I hope the defence attorneys appeal this decision.

  2. If they were trading in ordnances then we could have understood. When gold turns into nickel, bronze and other metals it doesn’t threaten State security but hints at the level of crookedness that we’ve reached. Now it’ll attract a lot of attention and those that will leak information will make good money. You can’t hide anything in Zambia.

    • Remember what HH said when the scam got botched? YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. Then when he realized the trail was leading to him he decided to rephrase: WE WILL PROTECT YOU BY HEARING THE CASE IN CAMERA.
      Don’t be surprised if Kasanda gets a state pardon in exchange for silence.

    • @Deja Vu: Do you have proof of the roads that lead to HH, or are you assuming that because you come from a culture of stealing, he too steals? HH has 1 million cows (something I find abhorrent).. If each cow costs at least $1000, what is the valley of his heard of cattle? You think HH is in this for money because your kind, such as Chipuba, Satan, Lungu and Banda were in it to loot the country. We cleaned up this country under Mwanawassa and Magande, and as soon as you took it over, you made it far much worse than it has ever been. HH is trying to clean up the mess you have made, not to loot the money the country does not even have. HH does not live in State House or draw a state salary. He did not even want to ride in government cars. We do not steal

    • @Kaizar Kamyanga Nyoko Zulu: You have no proof of anything. While you are talking, please remove that nasty condensed milk from your mouth. It is disgusting. We know that you got it from licking the HIV infected seed Lungu deposited on Esther. Mutinta this, Mutinta that… Why are you so obsessed with another man’s wife? You are no different from that tribalist Mmembe, who despite hating Tonga people went and married a Tonga woman…

    • Be cafe. this may cause the govt to follow you so that you can testify about the evidence you have.
      They may get you were ever you are hiding from.

    • Collecting officer, the police know where I am. They have refused to take orders from the f00Iish president because they know pf is coming back in 2026. I even drink with some of the police officers

    • Just get hold of Casili and he will sing the song. He is in league with his community house chola boy. Casili has been smuggling gold and eneralds through Lusaka airport. He was there one week before kasanda was involved. Airport reccords are there. Every visitor with big packets cargo in private hangers points to community house.

  3. Babisanji ba mambala? This case was supposed to be televised so that everyone know the truth. Why are you covering footprints of justice under the carpet of deception. This case will be revived in the absence of the current regime. All hogwash that you are talking about will not be entertained. There is nothing like state security. It is just that the so called big wigs are highly involved. Stop fooling the nation!!!

  4. This just means government has something to hide which they don’t want their employers, the people , to know. Something very fishy, highly suspicious brewing behind the scenes.

  5. Obviously a way to protect the corrupt big fishes. Come 2026, we will drain the swamp and all the crooked big fishes will be dragged out of the pond and hauled to prison.


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