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President Hichilema Commissions Kasama Airport, Unveils Economic Expansion Plans for Northern Province


In a significant step toward fulfilling campaign promises, President Hakainde Hichilema officially commissioned the Kasama Airport yesterday. The ceremony underscores the government’s commitment to opening up airports across the country, creating essential infrastructure for economic growth and development.

Addressing the audience, President Hichilema recalled the party’s commitment, made during their time in opposition, to enhance and open airports nationwide. The completion of the Kasama Airport aligns with this pledge, symbolizing the government’s determination to translate promises into tangible actions.

Kasama Airport, located in the Northern Province, is identified as a pivotal hub for economic expansion in the northern circuit. President Hichilema emphasized that the upgraded facility would play a crucial role in attracting investment, particularly in the tourism, mining, and agriculture sectors. The anticipated influx of investments is expected to contribute significantly to poverty reduction in the region.

The President urged citizens to seize the economic opportunities created by such infrastructure development, encouraging productivity and engagement in activities that contribute to the desired development. President Hichilema reiterated the government’s commitment to developing more infrastructure projects to unlock the country’s potential and facilitate economic growth.

During the commissioning, President Hichilema highlighted discussions with traditional leaders, including Paramount Chief Chitimukulu and several other Chiefs. The development of key infrastructure, such as airports, was a central theme in these engagements, aligning with the government’s vision for comprehensive economic development.

In his closing remarks, President Hichilema appealed for the protection of both public and private infrastructure, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding these assets for the benefit of the nation. The President concluded with a blessing for the country, expressing hope for continued prosperity and development.

The commissioning of Kasama Airport marks a significant milestone for the Northern Province and sets the stage for increased economic activities, investment, and improved connectivity in the region.

President Hichilema kneels before Paramount chief Chitimukulu
President Hichilema shares a light moment with Paramount chief Chitimukulu
Kasama airport


  1. Hakainde and upnd, can you initiate your own projects and commission.

    Can you also commission the price of mealie meal, Fertiliser and Fuel please.

  2. Okay HH didn’t do this project so he should not include it in his election promises. And neither should ECL boast about it because it is not his money that was used.

  3. It’s like marrying a woman who is 8 months pregnant and when she gives birth you claim to be the father of the child

  4. Typical of PF cadres, like ECL initiated the infrastructure you boasted about. You failed to put a good airport there and instead stole the money, now you want to jump on someone for completing it. Let not infrastucture development become competition before you bankrupt the nation again. For now we will build what we can, Rome was not built in a day.

  5. Commissioning what ecl developed. Is this ugly man not ashamed? When will he Commission a lower exchange rate and affordable mealie meal? Fuseke eeembwa!!

    • Kaizar “Kanyenga Nyoko” Zulu: Ugly man? Have you looked at the mirror in the life? You are of the most ugly little mathafakas I have ever seen. You and Kambwili look like the characters Jabbar and Gadullah the Hutt from George Lucas’s Star Wars. You are hedious. We should kick both of you out of our country for being so ugly. Failure to do that, we should look you up so that no one can set eyes on your ugly face. If none of these are possible, we should bury both of you in a hole in the ground, put a concrete slab on top, leaving a small hole for us to squeeze small amounts of food, for breathing air to pass through.

    • So what airport where we using in the 70’s…LT putting lipstick on a p!g does not change the fact that it’s a p!g. Stop glorifying this failure LT!!!

  6. The solution is to let every province keep 60% of what it earns for its own development. Zambia needs to be federalised so that people can control their own affairs. Depending on central governments means that tribalists like Chipuba, Satan and Lungu will take money from productive people and invest it in themselves. This weakling, Hakainde, is doing this to try and corral votes for 2026, thinking that the rest of us will automatically vote for him, even as he continues to pour development into regions that have been favoured by the tribalists before him. The development needs to go to Northwestern Province. Something needs to be done for Western Province. I do not support this rubbish, but then again, the solution is for this for the provinces to fight for themselves

  7. The key word here is commissioning. He just commissioned the airport meaning he officially opened it as the sitting president. He didn’t say he built it.

    • Bwana. You can’t regulate for this us€l€ss posturing! There’s nothing to write home about or celebrate here!!!

      Stop flying about on pointless errands, commissioning already existent infrastructure, photo ops and fix the economy that has gone down the tubes and is firmly at the bottom of the cr@pp€r!

      By the way did he finally get to see the Zambians resident in Italy who he gave the middle finger at the last minute?

  8. Kaisa the retired toilet cleaner at Chelston Clinic with a Matero Degree always wants to appear intelligent when he’s not. In his days as a toilet cleaner at Chelston Clinic, he was always an angry man. I’m surprised he’s still a bitter man despite President MCS uplifting him the “sewers”

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