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President Hichilema Celebrated Christmas with New Mothers at UTH


As part of the Christmas festivities, President Hakainde Hichilema visited the maternity department of the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka, extending congratulations to mothers with recently born infants. The President emphasized the symbolic importance of these babies, representing the future of the nation, and reaffirmed the government’s dedication to ensuring safe and hygienic childbirth experiences for mothers nationwide.

In a statement, President Hichilema outlined the government’s commitment to providing every hospital, especially maternity wings, with running water and hygienic materials. He stressed that this commitment is taken seriously, and the government will ensure its fulfillment, prioritizing the well-being of both mothers and newborns.

President Hichilema personally presented Christmas hampers to eight newborns and over 100 hampers to other mothers at UTH, spreading love and festive cheer. During the visit, he toured selected wards, interacting with new mothers and encouraging those who have faced the loss of a child to seek solace in faith.

In an interview after the tour, President Hichilema extended congratulations to all mothers who delivered Christmas babies and commended healthcare providers for their support and proper care.

Acknowledging challenges faced by the hospital, President Hichilema assured that the government would address them, emphasizing the importance of a well-equipped and well-staffed health sector.

Expressing sadness over the loss of lives from cholera, President Hichilema stressed the need to invest in disease prevention, ensuring access to clean water and sanitation in communities. He called for lobbying for vaccines and emphasized the importance of investments in local manufacturing to enhance healthcare capabilities.

President Hichilema spread some Christmas cheer at the UTH maternity ward


  1. The expression on people’s and the body language show that they just what him to finish talking and leave. They know the longer he talks, the more lies he is going to tell them. There is cholera in Lusaka and the best he can do is to go congest hospitals with his minions

  2. Weldone indeed
    Pity some have an archaic culture issue but then again what does one expect with our level of intelligence

  3. In fact there are more pressing issues than christmas visits. Kakubo must be fired! Ma scandal ni everyday


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