Saturday, July 20, 2024

Nchanga local court set ablaze


Unknown people have set ablaze Nchanga local Court in Chingola District  destroying everything including Court records.
 Speaking in an interview, Chingola Resident Magistrate Stephen Mabona said he was informed around 04:00hrs that the Court was on fire and when he rushed to the Scene he found that everything had been gutted.
He explained that he informed fire Fighters from Chingola Municipal Council, and later Konkola Copper Mine( KCM) Fire Fighters  rushed to the scene  to put out the fire but everything had already been gutted.
Magistrate Mabona stated that Preliminary investigations by ZESCO indicate that everything was intact and foul play is suspected.
An eye witness Naomi  Phiri disclosed that the Fire started around 03:00hrs.
Ms Phiri  said they could not manage to put out the fire on their own and informed the Local Authority fire department.
“We were trying to call 111 but it was not going through so we just started shouting for help and the neighborhood contacted the higher offices”,  she said.
Meanwhile Copperbelt Province Police Commanding Officer Peacwell Mweemba is yet to issue a statement on the matter.


  1. Deja Fool’s people have torched the evidence. Now this is where the government needs to act and post guards at all of our courts. Of course one hopes that the police have copies of all the records, and all they want is steady electricity so that they reproduce them on a xerox machine. That way when the catch Deja Fool, they will simply add arson to his many crimes of larceny, and proceed to lock the bugger up with his Lebanese-loving homo friend Kaizar Zulu

    • You should feel ashamed of yourself vomiting unproductive nonsense. This page is not for mentally challenged people. Here we share ideas not rubbish.

    • @Deja Vu: Fools like you, who appropriated parts of the bed of the Kafubu river when it was temporarily dried, and support the looters of Senseli mine, and have therefor many crimes to answer, are the ones who arelikely to have torched the court house. You Kaponyas are going to be taught respect for law when you are incarcerated on lengthy sentences for your wanton disregard of the law.


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