Sunday, March 3, 2024

President Hichilema Addresses Corruption Concerns and Urges Responsible Journalism During Choma Visit


President Hakainde Hichilema arrived in Southern Province for the festive holiday, landing at Choma’s St Mawagali grounds at approximately 16:00 aboard the Presidential chopper. The President was warmly received by Southern Province UPND Vice Chairman, the Choma Mayor, and other senior government officials.

During his visit, President Hichilema addressed the media and emphasized the importance of responsible journalism and the fight against corruption. He encouraged the media to disseminate accurate information to the public, stressing that freedom of speech should not be mistaken for the license to insult. President Hichilema signed the Access to Information (ATI) law, ending a two-decade wait for its implementation.

“Insulting should not be mistaken for freedom of speech; an insult is an insult, so let’s not abuse the ATI law that has been signed by this government after so many years of being ignored by the previous regime,” remarked President Hichilema.

In response to a journalist’s question about the fight against corruption, President Hichilema stated that the government’s commitment to eradicating corruption would intensify. He highlighted recent amendments to three laws, ensuring expedited handling of corruption cases. President Hichilema emphasized that there would be no room for corrupt individuals to manipulate the legal system, as cases would now be completed within five months.

President Hichilema set the tone for 2024, focusing on opening up the economy, creating more job opportunities, and ensuring equitable participation for all citizens. He pledged to conclude the debt restructuring process in 2024, fostering economic growth and encouraging all Zambians to work diligently and intelligently.

The President also took the opportunity to advise farmers in Southern Province to capitalize on the rainy season to produce sufficient food for the coming year. He emphasized the government’s support for winter maize production, encouraging farmers to utilize harvested rainwater for irrigation.


    • Why does this look like one of the Zambian forbidden rallies? Are they not banned so we can concentrate on work work work? Oh, so what is work without justice? Time will tell.

    • Zambian journalists are half-baked, therefore manipulable and as such cant analyse what they are reporting on. Thats why they can be patronised like this. Said the President:
      ““Insulting should not be mistaken for freedom of speech; an insult is an insult, so let’s not abuse the law…”
      Who told Lungu “kutumpa uko”? And afterwards had his cadres posing with T-shirts saying “Kutumpa uko”
      Who told Guy Scott “Ni muzungu opusa”? The Easterners have a saying going “Chiwamira galu….” All politicians should remember the shoe will one day be on the other foot.

    • Notice how all our presidents(except Sata) love talking about “responsible” journalism. What is responsible journalism?
      I’m sure every president would say :
      journalism that doesn’t harrass me.
      journalism that doesn’t embarrass me, journalism that doesn’t ask me uncomfortable questions, journalism that doesn’t report my failure. In short Presidents only like journalism when they are not in office

  1. Talk is cheap…lead by example and start by declaring your assets…if you can’t declare your assets that means you’re a Bandit….so stop talking about fighting corruption when the source of your wealth is corruption……

    • @Anonymous: There is no law in Zambia requiring anyone to declare any assets. That requirement should not start with him. This will teach those who write laws to benefit themselves, that they cannot selectively apply another set of demands to other people. Of course I would like to see all the presidents declare their assets. But you know what Mutawire, Satan, Bwezan, Levy, Chipuba, and my idol KK, did not have to expose their assets, so HH shall not divulge his

    • Kikikikikiki! I think we should bar rich people from contesting. They actually cost us more. They will prefer living in New Kasama thus adding more travel and security expenses from our treasury. Then they will be flying abroad 200 times a year under the pretext of state business yet its for private ventures. And that will cost us a high price for fuel, allowances for extra large entourages, salaries for senior civil servants who are always on the KKIA tarmac farewelling and welcoming the rich president. This is to say nothing about the massive contribution to climate change made by jetplanes. Yayi, Lets just live with our previously unrich presidents

  2. TikKi

    Your jealous will not take you anywhere, learn to work as an entrepreneur, then you will have a leaving, nothing comes through on a silver plate, otherwise you will be a Poper for ever.

    As for us who voted for UPND we know that hard work is the answer not lazing around like yourself and anonymous. We do not need any handout like the way you were getting in the booted PF

    • You don’t call this jealous he has just spoken his mind, and by way that’s how it’s supposed to be let the president lead by example, why’s it so difficult for him to declare his assets,is too much for the Zambian people to ask and know were and how he become a billionaire?

  3. Start with ZNBC before you talk about responsible journalism. When you F…. and the reporter reports that you Fa…ed they are reporting the truth. When that defenceless reporter asked you a question you went into hallucinations like “I know you didn’t want me to be president….”
    Who’s unreasonable here…. it’s a two way thing. You are president everyone knows that. You are not the first so what is so special about being a president? Today you are there, tomorrow someone else will be there.

    • This Deja Vu really has wisdom. HH needs to recruit him to that useless Hamasaka’s desk. Deja Vu can contribute to a succesful presidency.

    • ..
      ” …This Deja Vu really has wisdom..”

      Hahaha ……is this a new year’s joke ??

      He is a dirty tribal supremacist

    • @Spaka you are exactly that. A dirty tribal supremacist. You and that IHK thing have come on this platform with a vendetta against Bembas and Ngonis and everyday you sing anti-Bemba garbage. 60 years after independence and you have the Eritrea Biafra mentality. You are living in the wrong time. You shouldbe in the 12th century where you belong. You are always wanting to identify people who are proud to be Zambians as Congolese. Congo is suffering from neo-colonialist violence so you should be helping it to find solutions instead of associating it with your garbage dump.

    • @Spaka… I am just proud of my origins. I have subordinates from many tribes and we don’t have a problem at all.
      Tribalism is when you head:
      Zambia Railways…all senior managers are from your tribe
      Zambia Airways…All senior managers are from your tribe
      ZCCM Central Division…All senior managers are from your tribe
      Government Department/Institutions…. everyone including Tea Maker Cleaners are from your tribe.
      You may not talk about it but you act it.

    • Fresha waku ma Ruins

      I am a proud Easterna……..chief musolo, kwa madede, my family is well known with deep roots in that cheifdom……..

      It is the bemba supremacist culture I attack at every angle……..

      One time on LT bembas thought zambia was no place for tongas or people from southern……..

      It was me who started checking their tribalism by giving them as much as they were giving………it was so bad that a tongas death was being celebrated. That stopped after a famous bemba woman died and that was celebrated. They got a dose of their medicines. They soon stopped.

      But they still can’t get over being ruled by a tonga…….so we still have work to do.

    • Deja Vu

      We know you are still in mental degradation because you are being ruled by a tonga……….

      You have to close your mouth and swallow it untill 2031…… have no choice.

      Forward 2031……….

    • @Spaka How come you are so tight with the Bemba Ngoni bashers who never see any good from these two provinces? And if you are from the East you should know there are three namesake chiefs often mistaken and misspelt. One for the Kunda one for the chewa and one Ngoni so which one is yours? My wife is from Kapatamoyo near one of them.
      If you are Chewa Ngoni or Kunda like you are claiming finish that saying left above by “From Lazy Lungu…” saying chiwamila….

  4. Our Journalist are the worst because most of them are politically inclined and hence it’s the public doing their job what a shame in Zambia.i have heard some of them boasting they have HH private number so how can they report the dirty happening in UPND government

  5. Let that f00l stay there in choma and become president of Choma only. We majority Zambians don’t want him. Keep your tribal leader there

  6. A memorial service for a former Kabwe lawmaker was disrupted because Chaagwa Chamuponela, deemed key speaker, would erode peace in town.
    At a different time, Lusambo garnered a few passersby who wanted to converse with him. As a result the security of Kabwe was at stake, earning himself a police booking. At the same time all rallies are cancelled contrywide because this is not campaign time. Time to work. How has Mr. Hechi Hechi managed to pull this one in his native province? Is having a public rally for political parties not working? Maybe it is that, a kingship can chew water or that some citizens are more citizen than the opposition, except Milez Samper of course. A new dawn has dawned.

  7. HH is the last man who can lecture to journalists about their profession. To drop Presidential defamation he had to be constantly reminded of his election promises every day.
    Why does his government still own and control news media? If the government appoints the head of DeadNBC can staff work without fear or favour? Cant he see this govt ownership is interference with freedom of expression? When a politician isnt interested in Democracy we can only conclude his interests are in Kleptocracy

  8. Its LAW OF ATTRACTION – You focus on NEGATIVITY, you attract negativity AND YOU ONLY SEE BAD things.
    Many LT bloggers are just too negative and are mistaking that for CHECKS and balances.

  9. @Deja Vu
    REAL Tribalism is having a cabinet, deputy ministers, permanent secretaries, district commissioners, etc who are either from Eastern Province or Northern/Luapula/Muchinga Provinces. YES – this is what real tribalism is. Any other combinations are NOT.

    • Please talk about things that you can back… Lungu tried to include you people in cabinet but you expelled anyone who accepted. You refused to work with those he nominated from your provinces. Those non Bemba PF MPs like Kapata were appointed ministers.
      The problem with you Upnd is you create a situation and claim to be victim.

  10. Spaka
    December 30, 2023 At 8:21 pm
    Deja Vu

    We know you are still in mental degradation because you are being ruled by a tonga……….
    You think I care like you people who cry IT’S OUR TIME TO RULE… ONLY A TONGA MUST RULE…A president can come from my village but that wouldn’t have any effect on me because I don’t feed from his house.
    Let me just tell you how tribal you are… when we went to higher education institution your people could not move with people from other tribes, they were all moving in a large group even when shopping. Sad enough even those from our copperbelt secondary schools joined that train.

    • Comrade ………

      You need urgent counselling for your ingrained perceived tribalism………

      Your problem is you see everything from tribal lenses, worse…….

      You are letting childhood and early adult hood perceived memories of tribalism guide you………

      Get to grips , not everything is about tribalism………

      You are the people who would whole heartedly support a hutu style massacre of other tribes……….

  11. Kikikikikikiki my wife is a Tonga and only now does her brother admit to what u ve just said.
    I who isnt Bemba was in Kwacha hostel and my Tonga roomy was visibly unfriendly. He was to become my in law. However previously he would silently complain that my friends were too loud
    He only voiced his complaints to my childhood friend Hamaimbo. Who also conversed in Bemba as his Tonga was broken cos he grew up in Wusakile.

    • To be fair we guys from the copperbelt were too carefree and this for others translated into rowdiness thus scaring the rural community. I suspect Spaka, i hate Kaizer, Gunner and Kaizar are those mute protestors of the time. They could only identify us as Bemba- kkkkkk.
      PS my wife is my roomy’s sister who visited him from Avondale one day but found he wasn’t around cos he had left the room to Bemba miscreants

  12. Hakainde Hichilema is telling us the truth ,the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    He’s an SDA devout Christian.

  13. In the olden days young miscreants on the copperbelt were sent to prison at Katombora in Southern Province. Now since all of them could speak fluent Bemba it was concluded that all bembas were thieves…. and yet a lot of these boys were children of parents who came from southern province etc. I remember the notorious Songiso, Sapala, Malambo and many others.
    That’s how Spaka was created.

    • There was Never Kapenda, the most notorious dangerous robber and he came from Southern Province. Some say he was from Zimbabwe but grew up in Southern

  14. When this man says anything, just know that he is doing the opposite. We are in trouble na uyu mufela. He will do anything to keep himself in that seat. Zambia you have been warned.

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