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President Hichilema Encourages Youth and Women to Explore Lucrative Beef Production Opportunities


In a recent statement, President Hakainde Hichilema highlighted the lucrative nature of beef production, emphasizing its role as a rewarding business in the agricultural sector. Encouraging citizens, particularly the youth and women, to venture into this industry, the President underlined the existing markets in neighbouring countries that could further boost the nation’s agricultural exports.

President Hichilema took pride in the long-standing success of cattle ranches in the Southern Province, which have been in operation for over two decades. These ranches not only contribute to the nation’s food production but have also been instrumental in generating employment opportunities.

“While the government plays a vital role in creating jobs and fostering business opportunities, it is equally important for individuals to strive towards creating opportunities for others who may face challenges in doing so themselves,” remarked President Hichilema. The call to action is particularly directed towards the youth and women, encouraging them to actively participate in the thriving beef production sector.

The President expressed gratitude for the hardworking citizens who have played a pivotal role in creating wealth and job opportunities within the country. The agricultural sector, especially beef production, has proven to be a cornerstone of economic growth, contributing significantly to the overall development of Zambia.

As Zambia continues to prioritize and promote agricultural initiatives, it is anticipated that the encouragement from the President will inspire a new wave of entrepreneurs and stakeholders to actively participate in beef production, thereby contributing to the nation’s economic growth and sustainability.

President Hichilema at his cattle ranch


  1. Another way of showing off. The only consolation is that this man has been consistent with his inconsistencies. The type of leader who wants you to do what he says and not what he does, just like the “buy tractors” statements while he buys cru cru’s.

    • Ask Nawakwi? She as finance minister alongside ZPA were privatizing state assets.
      She privatized the mines(see 1997 letter she wrote to IMF, its there for public view on the IMF website) .
      she may know better.

  2. That’s the way to go well done
    those who travelled to south and western province back in the day would know of the thousands of cattle on the Mongu flood plains, and Southern Province also had a huge beef herd
    It is now not anyway near those figures

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