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Cholera Claims 25 Lives in 24 Hours; VP Urges Youth-Led Prevention


In the wake of a devastating surge in cholera cases, Vice President Mutale Nalumango expressed her deep concern about the alarming number of young people falling victim to the waterborne disease. During her visit to the National Cholera Management Centre at Lusaka’s Heroes Stadium, Mrs. Nalumango emphasized the need for youth involvement in community sensitization efforts to prevent and control cholera.

“It is disheartening to witness a high incidence of cholera among the youth, who should be at the forefront of educating communities about the prevention and control of this waterborne disease,” remarked the Vice President. She appealed to all young citizens to take the lead in spreading awareness within their communities.

Mrs. Nalumango urged those experiencing symptoms not to resort to self-treatment but instead seek assistance at the nearest health posts to prevent further fatalities. Meanwhile, Health Minister Sylvia Masebo linked the escalating cholera cases to unplanned housing in Lusaka, making it challenging to maintain proper sanitation measures. She disclosed that since the opening of the cholera management center, 99 percent of cases and related deaths have been reported in Lusaka.

Accompanied by Health Minister Sylvia Masebo, Local Government and Rural Development Minister Garry Nkombo, Water and Sanitation Minister Mike Mposha, and other senior government officials, Vice President Nalumango toured the hospital wards to assess the situation firsthand.


  1. The question these dimwits are failing to ask themselves is how Chitalu Chilufya managed to prevent cholera for 3 consecutive years. They’re behaving as if it’s the first outbreak ever. Their silly ego has caused these unnecessary deaths. They’ve lamentably failed. Donations from Trade Kings alone can’t run the health sector. We’ve said it several times that Sylvia Masebo has failed and this is the outcome. You can continue to deceive yourselves

  2. We joke too much in Africa….Cholera is caused by filthy surroundings…The capital city Lusaka looks like a dump site….garbage everywhere….dont we have the Lusaka city council to manage garbage and what about individuals contracting private garbage collectors… if i buy 20 garbage collection trucks and set up a garbage disposal company in Zambia….HH will feel threatened and he will ask ZRA and ACC to arrest me and shut down my business

  3. We had effective ministers in such emergency situations like Nixon Chilangwa, Edify Hamukale and Chitalu Chilufya.
    Just these three former ministers could do a better cholera fight job than 70 x Sylvia Maseboz and 100 x Garry Nkomboz. Pride and chipale is destroying UPND ministers who are too distant from the people

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