Saturday, March 2, 2024

Cheaper Eagles Mealie Meal Floods The Market


The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) in Northern Province says it has offloaded over 1,000 metric tonnes of maize for the production of cheaper Eagle mealie meal.

Food Reserve Agency (FRA) Northern Province Marketing Coordinator Timothy Chanda said his institution has also continued giving ZNS about 90 metric tonnes of maize on a daily basis.

Mr. Chanda said this has resulted in ZNS continuing to offload cheap mealie meal in Kasama and surrounding districts.

“If you check districts around Kasama, most of them have the cheaper mealie meal produced by ZNS; this has been made possible because we have continued offloading maize,” Mr. Chanda explained.

He said ZNS is also supplying the commodity to Kasama Shoprite, which has been stocked with mealie meal stating that customers can purchase at their convenience without panic.
“I personally visited Kasama Shoprite, and I can assure you that there is enough mealie-meal for the people,” he added.

Mr. Chanda also disclosed that the Agency has sufficient maize stock in its strategic food reserves for selling to the public under community sales.
Mr. Chanda noted that the agency has stocks from both the 2022 and 2023 marketing seasons.

Meanwhile, Kasama District Commissioner Elizabeth Goma advised people in dire need of maize to reach out to her office.

“I want to advise those families struggling to buy mealie meal to enter into partnerships so that they are able to procure even a 50-kg bag of maize, which they can share,” she said.


    • How can I smuggle my own maize, grown with my fertilizer (not FISP), own labor own chemicals? I will export not smuggle.

  1. That’s good for as long as ZNS is breaking even otherwise they might fail to sustain operations if they aren’t making anything to plough back into the maintenance of machinery and other related costs

  2. Cheaper mealie meal? How much? The heading and the body are contradicting. The heading is talking about market while the body is talking about Kasama and surrounding areas. People do not need to be assured, but will find when the visit Shoprite. The fact that someone is struggling to explain to people and keeps assuring is an indication that something is not right.

  3. And the f00I hh claims he removed subsidies. These are subsidies. After criticising pf he is doing what we did. So did zambian vote change?

    • Yes ba zulu change is there. We are suffering but peace is prevailing in the country. We are no longer being ukutekwa pa maka mwaletuteka. This suffering we are going through was caused by pa maka mwalebombofya pa kututeka pa kwe ba ati musende indalama sha calo ishingi no kusha icalo pa mabwe. Ifi efyo tukalamibukishishako. Thanks!

  4. PF never produced any cheaper mealie meal even after procuring a loan of Solar grinding mills dotted through out Zambia. hardly produced a single bag of mealie meal and yet Zambia’s debt was increased by that loan.


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