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Sweaty Situation: Football Fans Unhappy with Zambia’s Team Jersey


The Zambian national football team has been making headlines at the ongoing AFCON tournament, but not for the reasons they would have hoped. While fans eagerly anticipated victories and stellar performances, a different concern has emerged – the infamous “Sweaty Jersey.” Football enthusiasts took to social media to express their displeasure, emphasizing the negative impact the jersey seems to be having on the players’ performance.

Comments from fans shed light on the discomfort players maybe facing due to the seemingly sweat-absorbing nature of the Chipolopolo jerseys. One fan lamented, “Chipolopolo jerseys appear to retain the sweat, and players have been dripping with perspiration just minutes after matches have kicked off.” This observation is supported by the vivid descriptions of players looking as though they had just emerged from a swimming pool merely 10 minutes into the game.

The fans not only criticized the jerseys for their apparent lack of breathability but also highlighted how this issue might be contributing to the team’s performance on the field. The discomfort caused by excessive sweating could potentially hinder the players’ focus, stamina, and overall game performance. The issue is not merely cosmetic, as one fan pointed out, “On top of shambolic performance, we add, shambolic jersey.” The fans are calling for an investment in proper football jerseys that will not compromise the team’s play.

During one match, fans noticed that the team changed jerseys at halftime, hoping for a better outcome. However, it seems that the problem persisted, with one fan humorously remarking, “By the 55th minute, again John the Baptist visited the boys and baptized them.”

Football fans are demanding action from the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ), urging them to invest in jerseys that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional for the players on the pitch. A fan expressed concern about the health implications, stating, “Sweating abnormally isn’t healthy for players.” Another fan emphasized the importance of a proper kit for the team’s success, saying, “If the boys qualified in these carrier bags you call ama jersey, imagine what they can achieve in a proper kit?”

As Chipolopolo battles it out on the AFCON stage, it’s clear that the team’s jersey has become a focal point of dissatisfaction among fans. While the team’s qualification in the same jersey is acknowledged, fans argue that a proper kit could elevate their performance to new heights. FAZ faces the challenge of addressing these concerns promptly to ensure that the Chipolopolo can focus on the game without being distracted by the discomfort of their jerseys.


  1. I think these scientific fans have selective sight, can they not see that other teams are experiencing the same problem? A good sweat helps to cleanse the body of toxins anyway. We must just concentrate on the football…we need to score more goals. The boys need to go for it with Morocco

    • so ACC doesn’t investigate Kamanga’s private businesses called KoPa?
      Is ACC for ministers only?
      I just bought 5 T-shirts to wear inside at $2.99 each. How much did Kamanga pay for those Jersey?

    • @kci, I watch them live on sky sports. People pay money to go to a sauna and make themselves sweat, so sweating must be good for them kaili, just like the ones who pay money to go to the gym and make themselves tired when they can just look for a labour intensive job for a work out and get paid in the process.

  2. Where is the copper or the famous green in this kit? Teammates were looking for Fashion Sakala but couldn’t see him that white jersey!

  3. Other team”s jerseys have not been as sticky as the Zambia’s one. It appears a cheap Chinese jersey. Always difficult to get quality from china. Chinese don’t value quality much.

    • No you are talking about Chinese of the 70s. Nearly all the big Western businesses are manufacturing from China nowadays. Dell Computers, Apple Computers, GE, Audi Motors, Avon, GE, AT&T Shure Honda, Hitachi Good Year tyres are but a fraction of the Western companies using China to manufacture products. They wouldnt go there if their brand got harmed by poor quality

    • …and the Chinese are manufacturing in Zambia, send the goods to China and ask the Zambians to buy it back. “Witchcraft” Unfiti.

  4. Thats the spirit of Zambia…blame game and complain about almost everything….you need talent to win not a fancy Jersey…a bad carpenter always blames his tools

  5. You leave renowned makers with years of scientific research behind them like Nike, and Umbro just to go for cheap imitations but with a local tag then this is what you get.

  6. obviously someone who bought the jersey got it for cheap so that he can have some change for himself enquiry should be conducted so that in future we won’t get into this situation again, rather than that come on you chipolopolo we’re behind you!!! bless

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