Saturday, July 20, 2024

Chipolopolo Coach Avram Grant Denies False Media Reports


Zambia National Team Coach, Avram Grant, has come forward to address and dismiss false media reports circulating in his name, allegedly attacking the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ). Grant, a seasoned coach with 50 years of experience, expressed his commitment to resolving issues through direct communication and discredited any attempts to use his name to create discord between himself, FAZ, and the Zambian people.

In a statement released to the media, Coach Grant clarified, “I have been made aware of statements circulating in my name purportedly attacking the Football Association of Zambia. In my 50 years of coaching, I have always kept to the practice of airing my grievances with the affected parties face to face.”

The coach strongly emphasized that he has not made any statements to the media and refuted the alleged remarks attributed to him. Grant highlighted his long-standing principle of not speaking through third parties, stating, “It has never happened in 50 years of coaching that I speak through third parties and it is not about to start.”

Grant went on to assure the public and football enthusiasts that the relationship between him and FAZ, as well as with the Zambian people, remains positive. He pointed out that the post-tournament discussions with FAZ were conducted in a cordial and respectful manner, reflecting a progressive and constructive dialogue.

The statement was signed by Avram Grant, reaffirming his position as the Zambia National Team Coach.


  1. ……..

    You can’t but notice that zambian players look malnourished compared to most of our african compatriots……..

    This is because of the limited diet of Zambians……..

    Everything is Nishima and cooking without spices………

    Our friends in West Africa have atleast 3 or 4 main dishes , from yams, cassava, bannanas to maize……..or their soup on its own.

    with many nourishing spices………

    Zambians only know maize meal, meat cooked with tomato and onions……

  2. Imwe ma journalist yamu moba you must dig deeper before publishing. This story doesnt have any meat for publication. You dont tell us what Grant was alleged to have said and to whom? What Grant is refuting is not mentioned anywhere in the story. Wake up and do your job as journalists: present information

  3. What I learned the hard way about a general Zambian behavior is what we say in Bemba: Takwaba nkama mu calo ici. You can never confide in most Zambians and think it will stay where you have left it. I am sure the guy felt his knees go weak when he learned what was spoken in private had found its way onto ZamFoot or the other equally ridiculously named media platforms. These are lessons most of us learned the hard way. The best kept secret is with yourself or with as yet authorized, formally inducted crowds.

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