Thursday, June 13, 2024

Schools Ready To Open On February 12th


Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary for Technical Services Joel Kamoko says schools are ready to reopen on February 12, 2024 following inspections conducted by a team of health inspectors across the country.

Speaking when he featured on Hot Fm Radio RedHot Breakfast show Mr Kamoko stated that the government has instructed a team of health inspectors to check and monitor the status of water sources in schools across the country and ensure it is clean and safe for drinking.

Mr Kamoko indicated that the health inspectors not only inspected the status of water and ablution blocks in schools but also the water points in school premises to ensure water is easily accessed by pupils.

“The primary objective is to guarantee that the water meets acceptable health standards, thus minimising the potential transmission of waterborne diseases, particularly cholera in the school environment,” he said

Mr Kamoko also urged parents and guardians to facilitate access to online educational resources for their children on various platforms citing and notes on master online.

He acknowledged the challenges faced by individuals residing in rural areas with limited internet connectivity adding that they can utilise alternative learning platforms, such as Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) education channel.

“Parents and guardians play a pivotal role in supporting these initiatives by facilitating their children’s access to online educational resources and encouraging their active participation in remote learning activities,” said Mr Kamoko.


  1. This is good but I call on all schools inspectors to check on the sanitary status of each school under their jurisdiction. If possible each and every pupil must be checked for their health condition.

  2. They have now managed to put together the money for free education after the mine buyers deposited some dollars. Kudos GRZ!

  3. While the education system may effectively teach mathematical concepts like exponential growth and decay, it has failed to address public health crises such as cholera, particularly in Zambia where schools have been closed due to outbreaks. This highlights a significant disconnect between theoretical knowledge and practical, life-saving skills, demonstrating a need for a more comprehensive approach to education that includes real-world problem-solving and public health awareness.

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