Thursday, April 18, 2024

Former President Edgar Lungu’s Driver Arrested for Drug Trafficking


Juvensio Phiri, a former driver and security personnel for ex-President Edgar Lungu, has been apprehended by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) on charges of drug trafficking. According to Mwenge Mulenga, the Public Relations Manager for DEC, Phiri, aged 53, was arrested for trafficking 55.6 kilograms of loose cannabis.

Mulenga revealed that Phiri was apprehended in Lusaka’s Chelstone area by a joint team of DEC officers from Eastern and Lusaka Provinces. The team had trailed Phiri from Chipata, where he was transporting the contraband intended for distribution in Lusaka.

It is suspected that Phiri was collaborating with other individuals who managed to escape when he was initially intercepted in Eastern Province.

In an official statement, Mulenga declared that Phiri is currently detained in police custody and has been charged with trafficking in psychotropic substances.


    • yes of course,
      Just Imagine what he was doing while he was the presidents driver.
      He did not just start trafficking yesterday

    • Who was screening employees for Ba Edgar, the man was endangered…
      Ninshi Ba Edgar bena chipuba, all his close employees are criminals? Ex-Barber with guns, ex-driver selling ibange etc..
      Mwiimbu need check all Edgar’s current employees, he is at risk.

  1. He lost his job in the continued victimization of those that worked with the previous regime. He was fired because he isn’t from the correct region. Being a Ngoni, he resorted to selling chamba to support his family. The UPND cruelty drove him to his current predicament. He’s one of the many whose lives have been destroyed because of the f00lishness of politicians

  2. Former barber is saving a life sentence for murder, former driver is Pablo Escobar. ECL knew exactly who he wanted to hung out with…..kikiki. On top of all this, his Cadres stole TV sets from his house.

  3. After listening to Mweetwa’s clandestine revelation on how they connived with Kambwili, I would take stories like this with a pinch of salt. Remember all sectors of our Governance system have finally been all compromised. The law enforcement not spared.

  4. kkkk what you do unto others will be done unto you ECL had no driver of such name so were is the story basing mmmm stop the propanda zambians are now more advanced in information capturing.

  5. The lesson here is to employ persons of integrity at all levels especially for anyone in public office or religious ministry

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